Monthly Expenditure

Startup Expenses Amount Running Expenses Amount
Book & Notebooks (Transport Included) 80 Academics (Worksheets, Stationeries, etc) 100
School Uniform 50 Call For Hygiene 50
Shoes & Socks 60 Healthy Living 50
School Bag 40 Medical Supplies 35
School Furniture & Equipment 120 Salary – Teacher & School Employees 900
School Expansion/Renovation 200 Teacher’s Training & Content Development 55
JAAGO’S Administrative Exp. 250 Rent & Utilities 250
Repair and Maintenance 100
School Events (Sports, Cultural, Study Tour etc.) 60
School Office Exp. 100
Monthly Startup Expense 800 Monthly Running Expense 1700
Total Monthly Expense = 2500
​Technically our total expense for a student is BDT 2,500 a month but we attempt to minimize the startup costs like – books, bags, uniform, shoes and other infrastructural needs through partnership with different organization, individual in-kind donations and corporate CSR. Although, these facilities are not ensured on a regular basis.

It is a huge challenge for JAAGO to arrange the same educational facilities for all students as 500 students are still waiting for their sponsor parent to come forward to take their educational responsibility. On the other hand, from the next school session JAN'17, our student number will increase from 2200 to 2500.​​

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