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Bangladesh is facing shortage of skilled and qualified teachers. However, this problem is severe in Sub-urban and rural areas. Neither experienced teachers nor promising youths are interested to serve in rural areas as teacher for a long time. JAAGO Foundation is working with a vision to establish free of cost international standard school in every district of the country. To accomplish its objective, JAAGO Foundation in collaboration with GrameenPhone Ltd and Agni Systems Ltd introduced the concept of ‘Online School’ in Bangladesh. The idea of online school is designed to bridge the quality gap in education through the modern technology.

Current Status

“Online School” started in 2011 in Gazipur as a pilot project with 80 students. Soon the idea of online schooling and synchronous learning through internet proved to be a leap towards an educational revolution especially in context of Bangladesh, as our country has not experienced this schooling method before. Currently, we are operating 10 online schools in Gazipur, Rajshahi, Gaibandha, Madaripur, Bandarban, Lakshmipur, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Hobiganj, and Teknaf.

How does it work?

The mechanism behind the ‘JAAGO Online School’ is fairly simple; a rural classroom is connected to a teacher in Dhaka via video conferencing technology and internet. The classes are operated with a teacher from JAAGO Foundation’s Teaching Center in Dhaka and two local classroom teachers in the rural areas.  The software we currently use for this form of schooling is an interactive and professional video conferencing software aimed at making the learning process communicative and interactive even with the virtual presence of its remote learners.

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Online Teacher

The Online Teachers are responsible for designing and managing A/V clips, graphs that are needed to impart the lessons, distribute tests and homework assignments and collect them when completed. Online teachers also observe and evaluate students’ performance, record relevant data to assess progress.

Classroom Teacher

The classroom teachers are responsible for operating A/V equipment, taking and maintaining attendance records, assisting children individually or in small groups in order to help them to do their assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by the online teachers.

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