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In Bangladesh, studies have found a major shortage in medical care: with only 10 hospitals available for every million people, 136 registered nurses available for every million people and one hospital bed for every 4000 people (Siddiqui, 2003).

At JAAGO Foundation we recognize the importance of healthy living. Therefore, from 2010 JAAGO Foundation in association with Novartis Bangladesh Ltd is ensuring medical care for the students. With a veteran doctor and a well-qualified nurse free medical check-up is provided to all JAAGO students, with most medications being provided free of charge.


We are also proud to be able to offer parents of JAAGO students a Monthly Health Card, which costs just BDT 30 per family per month. This enables the poor families that we work with to access quality health care and advice, as well as purchasing medicines at an affordable price – lower than the market rate.

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Provide access to health care for underprivileged communities in Bangladesh
A 2009 baseline survey conducted by the Human Development Research Centre, showed that while a majority of slum dwellers in Bangladesh were aware of hygiene rules, the number of people putting such rules into practice was low – with only 1% of respondents claiming to wash their hands before eating and 13 % saying they washed their hands after wiping a child’s bottom.

At JAAGO we stress the importance of hygiene,  thus we work hard to educate our students and communities about the importance for cleanliness and sanitation. By organizing hygiene sessions for our students and their families, to learn how to use hygiene products – to wash their hands, brush their teeth and clean their clothes, – JAAGO is not only helping families to avoid disease, but also preparing our children for a brighter life where they are able to maintain a good health and become self-reliant.


Alongside this, JAAGO provides hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, detergent, toothbrushes, on a monthly basis to families to protect against diseases such as diarrhoea, fever, food poisoning and many more.

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Underprivileged families in Bangladesh access hygiene products
JAAGO students come from the poorest communities, where children suffer from malnutrition and other severe maladies. Without proper sustenance, learning can become very difficult.

Our ‘Healthy Living’ program provides every JAAGO student with a nutritious meal every week. Instead of coming to school hungry or sick, the children are healthy and ready to learn. Although JAAGO Foundation runs the healthy living project by its own, for Banani School this project is supported by Thrive.

In Bangladesh, 41% of the child population are underweight, and at JAAGO we strive to reduce this. Thus we are working hard to provide a nutritious meal on a weekly basis. To make this on a daily basis we need help from you.

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Provide a nutritious meal to underprivileged children in Bangladesh
Sewing Center of JAAGO Foundation not only reduces the student drop out rate but also empowers women to facilitate the families with growth

Since 2009, JAAGO Foundation in collaboration with Bachhara, established our Sewing Centre to provide training and employment to parents – not only to reduce the drop-out rates but to empower women and create sustainable change.


To date the Centre has provided training to 460 women and employs 263 parents. Our ultimate objective of the Sewing Centre is to provide the women in Bangladesh with the opportunity to be self-employed and therefore strong and independent.


About Bachhara


Amanda Ryan, an Australian fashion designer who has spent her life volunteering with numerous charitable organizations, arrived in Dhaka just six months after the birth of JAAGO. In its infant days, JAAGO had trouble supporting itself, and Amanda identified the need for a sustainable stream of income. Thus, Amanda helped to establish our Sewing Centre and created her own fashion label, Bachhara.


Bachhara retails items made at JAAGO’s Sewing Centre in Australia, with each garment named after a JAAGO child and individualized by telling that child’s personal story. To learn more about Bachhara or to get your next fashion fix please click here

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Bachhara or to get your next fashion fix