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Ten Years

Ten Years Journey

Since its inception in 2007, JAAGO has gradually grown as an organization to break the cycle of poverty and help more children live better lives. In our constant effort, we have achieved a new feat every year: opening digital schools, increasing volunteer involvement and our many supporting projects none of which would have been possible with the support of our children, partners, sponsor parents, volunteers and you. So, in our 10th year, we have made a small effort to share our journey with you and let you be our judge.









Distribution of Fund (Annual)

Over the years, with the help of our many partners and friends, JAAGO has expanded its horizons. The increasing associations has helped us give more children a better chance at life with quality education. A projection of how the received donations are being used by JAAGO in a year.

Schools of JAAGO (Over the Years)

With each year, we are putting more effort to provide education for all children in Bangladesh. Since our inception, JAAGO has opened several schools over the country. Even though, the number of schools have remained unchanged in the past few years, the number of our students is rapidly increasing to incorporate 3500 students in 12 schools.

JAAGO Schools & VBD Districts (Geographically)

The greatest of our achievements has been to be able to spread our reach to the remotest parts of the country in the last 10 years. The distribution of our schools over Bangladesh:

Student Ratio (Male and Female)

We understand the adversaries faced by female children and stress on the importance of education in improving their condition. It has been a part of our constant effort to eliminate the obstacles faced by them and in that process, we have reached a position where our schools have 51% female students.

Teachers Training Hours

The understanding that the future of our students is brighter when the teachers are well equipped has made Jaago invest more in their training with each passing year. JAAGO spends a total of 12,232 hrs each year in training teachers.

Academic Success of Our Students

The academic success of our students stands as the testimonial of our hard work and dedication. A statistical detail of our academic success:

Student to Teacher Ratio

We believe the more teachers available to students, the better they learn. It also allows teachers to provide more attention to each student. In its ever increasing number of students, JAAGO has been providing more teachers as a part of ensuring quality education.

Sponsor, Sponsored & Unsponsored

One of the crucial reasons of JAAGO’s development has been our Sponsor parents who come from national and international backgrounds. Sponsor parents play pivotal roles in our students lives and not only support their sponsored children financially but also engage with them personally. Almost half of our children are now supported by Sponsor parents.

Educational Materials (Per Year/ Per Child)

In underprivileged backgrounds, the smallest expenditure can prove to be huge which is why JAAGO provides all the books and stationeries required by the students to complete their education.

Breakdown of Student Dropout

Even though our student dropout rate is 8.9% but that is not the real picture. Our students mostly transfer to other curriculums such as Madrasa board and other public schools and on their departure, they are given a transfer certificate. It is very rare that a student drops out to not pursue further education.

Growth of VBD

Volunteer for Bangladesh(VBD) is the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation. Since 2011, JAAGO Foundation, with the support of U.S. Embassy Bangladesh, has been providing the youth of Bangladesh a voice and platform to contribute to nation building. This platform has increasingly encouraged and successfully involved the youth in community development in their respective areas.

Universal Children’s Day (Impact)

JAAGO has been eager to incorporate the youth in its endeavours, one of them being the Universal Children’s Day campaign that started in 2010. Over the years, our universal children’s day event has helped raise awareness towards the rights of all children and the impact has been such that it is now an established day in our country.