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A Dark Experience of an Orphaned Refugee Child

Six year old Fahim was busy playing football in the field with his friends when the helicopter in the bright sky caught his eye. As the helicopter made its way towards the direction of his house, Fahim began chasing after it in confusion. It sped up and dropped what looked like heavy cylinders right above Fahim’s house, stopping him in his tracks as he watched in utter fear. Fahim was held back by his neighbors as he watched his house burn down in front of him. He could hear screams coming from the distance, as his neighbors comforted him with empty words of consolation. The next few days were a complete blur for Fahim as he made his way towards Bangladesh surrounded by faces that were completely unknown to him. He hid behind people he didn’t know and begged for food from people who were also on the run, the entire time hoping that somehow he would find the familiar faces of his loved ones amongst the mass, despite having watched them die infront of his own eyes.

After the displacement, an unknown man brought Fahim to the Safe Haven camp and left him in our hands. When he first came in, Fahim would not interact or speak to anyone at the camp. However, through the different kinds of project activities and after continuous attention and care, Fahim is beginning to overcome the trauma and smile more.

To help these orphaned children at biggest humanitarian crisis, donate to JAAGO’s Safe Haven for Rohingya Refugee Children project.