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A fairytale visit of the Princess of Denmark.

Fatema’s father died when she was in Class 5. This shattered all her future dreams, hopes of continuing her studies and building a better future for her. But JAAGO Foundation, where she was studying free of cost at that time could not let this happen. It gave her the confidence to overcome her condition and continue to reach for her dreams. JAAGO Foundation gave her a job as a teacher’s assistant at the school and helped her in every other ways, so that she can continue her studies. Now a class 10 student of JAAGO Foundation Rayer Bazar School branch, she is much more confident and aspires to be a civil engineer in future. Listening this story of her struggle and achievements from Fatema herself at the presentation, Mary Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of Denmark could not hold her tears.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark, His Excellence Mikael Hemniti Winther, Danish Ambassador to Bangladesh and some distinguishable delegates from Denmark, Danish Embassy to Bangladesh and Plan International Bangladesh paid a visit to JAAGO Foundation yesterday. They guests were given a detailed tour of the entire JAAGO Foundation grounds and presentation about the journey, stories of the kids.

They also had a very interactive session with the volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh. Her Royal highness shared how she was touched by seeing the energy and enthusiasm among the people of Bangladesh even under living in such critical conditions. She highly appreciated the work of the volunteers which they do so relentlessly, pushing boundaries to help others. She respected and praised JAAGO Foundation for its initiate to empower girls like Fatema and giving them a shot to better future. Later they were taken to visit our Online School Teachers’ Centre. Her Royal Highness was so impressed that she wanted the government to help JAAGO in expand these facilities so that more underprivileged kids in remote areas of the country can get an education. After that they visited different classes, the science lab of the school and spent much quality time with the kids.

There when asked by a student why “Denmark is the happiest country of the world” according to the World Happiness Report 2016, United Nations, she replied her country has been able to achieve this success as her people trust the country’s institutions, their leaders and believes in gender equality. And she definitely believes Bnagladesh has all these potentials and if practiced properly can come out as a much successful, happier country.

Fatema’s father died when she was in Class 5.This shattered all her future dreams, hopes of continuing her studies and…

Posted by JAAGO Foundation on Saturday, April 8, 2017