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A Starry Eyed Girl Reaching For The Stars

Meet Surma, a vibrant girl with high ambitions. Having a knack for learning, she wished to start school. But it wasn’t a smooth ride for Surma.

Surma’s family included a paralyzed father and a mother, who was struggling to provide end’s meat. The family was on the verge of a breakdown; for which Surma’s mother, Yeasmin could not afford to send Surma to a school.

Then one day she heard about Jaago. In Yeasmin’s surprise, Jaago immediately enrolled Surma as their student without taking any fees whatsoever.

Surma was on cloud 9; making new friends and enjoying classes. But a couple of months ago she was diagnosed with a case of mumps. The poor girl was aching in pain and couldn’t get out of bed. When Jaago found out, they immediately assigned a doctor and made sure Surma was getting proper medication. And guess what! After a few days of proper medical attention, Surma was back to the school benches, surrounded by her buddies.

Like Surma, Jaago, for the last ten years is helping unprivileged children to receive the proper education. With 12 established schools around the country, Jaago is making sure that every child gets a chance to receive the proper education. With Jaago’s child sponsorship program, more than 3000 children are now fulfilling their scholastic needs.

With just a monthly 2000tk donation, you too can help out a child reach her/his full potential. Because by enabling one’s education you are enabling one’s life.

To sign up, visit www.jaago.com.bd/sponsor-a-child/
Or call us on our hotline: +880 1766 666 662

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Sponsor the monthly education cost of an impoverished Bangladeshi child with less than 1 US $ a day and help bring a meaningful difference in both of your lives!