About Jaago

Mission & Vision

To break the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation.

JAAGO Foundation aims for the betterment of the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background and empowering the youths along with inspiring volunteerism in Bangladesh.

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Creating Abundance

There are more than 33 million people in Bangladesh who live below the poverty line. They can be seen on streets all over the capital city; tired, hungry and, more often than not, exploited. Often, these little boys and girls become involved in dangerous and corrupt professions, forced to do whatever it takes to put food in their bellies. As they grow up, they are absorbed into the tide of destitution that plagues this small nation. Later generations fall in step, unable to break out of the mould.

This creates a vicious cycle that has held most of Bangladesh in its grasp for decades. JAAGO is putting a stop to this.

Our Belief
JAAGO Foundation believes in working towards a better society—one in which every child has access to quality education. Through access, each student we help can capitalise on his or her dreams and take life to be the opportunity it should be.
Korvi Rakshand
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At the age of 21, it was expected that Korvi Rakshand would take over the family business upon completion of his education. However to everyone’s surprise, Korvi decided to use his education and skills to create change for impoverished children of Bangladesh. Understanding that charitable acts are often temporary and unsustainable, Korvi was determined to improve the lives of slum children for the long term.

Korvi Rakshand
Korvi group
To build an illiteracy free Bangladesh with access to quality education for all.
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Friends of JAAGO
  • GrameenPhone

    Our valuable partnership with Grameen Phone made it possible to establish 10 online schools into the remotest part of Bangladesh.

  • Tanjim

    Popular fashionwear brand ‘Tanjim’ recently started its magical journey with us! With every Tanjim jeans you purchase, you will be supporting the education of one JAAGO Child!

  • Green Delta Insurance Company
    Green Delta Insurance Company

    In various occasion Green Delta supported us in various programs for the schools and campaign for Volunteer for Bangladesh

  • Graphic people
    Graphic people

    From the very beginning Graphic People supported us to set up our Banani School and gathered number of employee to sponsor our kids for their education.


  • MBM Group
    MBM Group
  • Fortuna

    Every year our 2200 students need shoes and accessories for their schooling, Fortuna came up with a partnership to provide us the shoes for the students.

  • Kris Energy
    Kris Energy
  • Agni Systems Limited
    Agni Systems Limited

    Our valuable partnership with Agni Systems Ltd. is providing us with technical support for all of our schools throughout the country.

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola

    Every year to observe World Water Day and World Environment Day Coca Cola provide us the required support.

  • Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh
    Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh
  • Ennovision

    It’s a youth led web design house that helped us with the newly build JAAGO website.


    Cefalo is creating dreams by supporting our children’s stationery.

  • Adpeople

    From the very beginning Adpeople supported us to set up our Banani School and gathered number of employee to sponsor our kids for their education.

  • Renata Ltd
    Renata Ltd

    Valuable supporter for different campaign of JAAGO Foundation.

  • DOT Internet
    DOT Internet

    Our valuable supporter is providing us with internet service for our office from the very beginning of our journey.

  • Beximco Pharma
    Beximco Pharma

    By supporting us to observe our national campaigns and providing pharmaceutical support to our kids Beximco Pharma has created a valued partnership.

  • Skees Family Foundation
    Skees Family Foundation
  • Young Entrepreneurs for Society
    Young Entrepreneurs for Society