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Celebrating Eid Festivities: Remembering the Sacrifices of the Deprived

Dhul Hijjah is a sacred month within the lunar calendar for Muslims around the world with the completion of Hajj, followed by the observance of Eid-ul-Adha. The act of giving Qurbani (Udhiya), i.e. halal sacrifice of cow, oxen, goat, dumba (sheep), camel, etc., is performed by those who are financially able to do so. The festival is a reminder of the dedication of Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham) (AS) willingness to sacrifice his own son in obedience of a command from Allah (SWT).

Eid-ul-Adha is a blessed and joyous occasion as this Islamic holiday is celebrated worldwide by all Muslims. The Eid festivities commence with the attendance of the Eid prayer early in the morning with family, followed by convergence at home where everyone exchanges Eid greetings and gives gifts to children. Afterwards, the sacrificial rituals begin in accordance to the rules and guidelines set on Qurbani within the Quran and the Qurbani meat is divided. On this day, children are often found dressed in new clothes and shoes as they count the Eidiyah (Eid money) that they receive from the elders.

It is an enjoyable time for everyone, and yet there are many who spend their Eid in difficult circumstances. Nobody stops to think about the ones who cannot afford all the expenses of performing Qurbani. The celebration of Qurbani is not a sight frequently seen in underprivileged communities and nor is it common for deprived children to wear new Eid clothes. These deprived children and their families do not have the ability to afford their basic needs, let alone, buy sacrificial animals, new clothes, and accessories for Eid. However, there is something that can be done to change this.

Together, this year everyone can ensure that the disadvantaged children get to wear new clothes and shoes, receive new toys, books, and even cows or goats, for those who are able to gift it. Through your donations, JAAGO will ensure that the children at our schools are taken care of this Eid and that they too get the chance to enjoy Eid with all of the festivities. The donations can be made through our official website or even through other online shopping websites. For instance, last year JAAGO received cows and goats donated by international sponsor parents as they bought cows online from websites like Bikroy.com, Ekhanei.com, upohar2me.com, and bengalmeat.com.

JAAGO’s hope is to spread joy and love amongst these underprivileged children and make this Eid memorable for them. By making a donation this Eid, you too can spread happiness amongst all children on this majestic occasion.

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