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Celebration of Eight Years of “Volunteer For Bangladesh”

JAAGO Foundation has been the pioneer in providing the youth with a voice and a platform through its Youth Wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh”.Volunteer For Bangladesh (VBD), has turned into its Eight this year. VBD officially started its journey in 2011. But before starting its official journey, it thyself has a birth story.

On 2009, a group of 500 first volunteers found each other to host the first ever Universal Children’s Day (UCD) campaign in Bangladesh. Proposed by the United Nations, UCD has been working for the rights of children since 1954. Though this day was observed in different ways in various countries all over the world, it was not observed widely in Bangladesh before. However, now Universal Children’s Day is observed to spread consciousness to the communities about children’s education and this campaign is still among the key campaigning events of VBD.

From 500 volunteers today JAAGO Foundation has a family of 35,000 registered Volunteers. VBD is now actively working in 32 Districts of the country with various social awareness campaigns and projects to ensure Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh.

The youth is the backbone of a nation and hence they determine the future of any society. Youth have a role to recharge and invigorate the present status of society including leadership, developments, skills and so forth. Especially, densely populated country like Bangladesh where around 50% of the population falls between the ages of 15 to 25 years. After establishing the JAAGO Foundation in 2007, the Founder and Chairman Mr. Korvi Rakshand Dhrubo decided to do something big for the youth of the society. He realized that nothing could impede the youth if they work unitedly for the country’s development. By this conception, he has created the Youth Wing, Volunteer For Bangladesh (VBD) to rebuild a nation through the empowerment of youth in Bangladesh.

To develop an interdependent Bangladesh through volunteerism to achieve the nation’s highest potential is the vision of VBD. And, to empower and facilitate volunteerism to develop the nation by reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth within every youth Bangladesh is the mission of “Volunteer for Bangladesh”. It is a platform that allows youth from different social background to come and work together to reduce the social and economic inequalities to build a better Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, there are 64 districts, and VBD is present in 32 districts which are half of the entire Bangladesh. Each of the individual districts acts as a platform for the local youth to become vocal about their respective community issues and to work for the social development accordingly. So far VBD has arranged, planned and executed many huge crusades on “Universal Children’s Day”, “World Water Day”, “World Environment Day”, “Great Kindness Challenge”, “Road Safety Awareness Campaign” and many more on other social issues.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign is the running project of Volunteer for Bangladesh. On April 25, 2019, JAAGO Foundation’s youth wing, Volunteer for Bangladesh with the help of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) togetherly have started the campaign named “MY ROAD | MY RESPONSIBILITY” to create awareness on “Road Safety” among the Dhaka city dwellers. This project is continuing experimentally and will be continued for the next few months.

From the last 8 years, The volunteers have successfully completed lots of development works for the betterment of the country. Most of these are directly involved in the social, economic and structural improvement of the society. Besides, JAAGO Foundation always helps the volunteers by the logistical supports through trainings, workshops, motivations for building up their capacity.

For the empowerment of the society, the Volunteer for Bangladesh regularly organizes different training and skills development programs for the young volunteers for youth capacity development. The training programs include Youth Engagement with SDG, Leadership Skills Development, Design Thinking for Project development, with Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, Self Defense, First Responder Training, Fire Service Training, Community Volunteer Training Program, Training on sanitation and Hygiene, on and Training on Democracy and good governance.

From the Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), a massive amount of volunteers work for the nation. From the past 8 years, there have several projects like – “Universal Children Day”, “World Water Day”, “Great Kindness Challenge”, “Environment Day”, “Youth Vote Matters”, “Democracy Watchers”, “Pledge for Peace”, “Win with Peace Campaign”, “Country Wide Clean Water and Sanitation Campaign”, and “Bangladesh Youth Network” so on which have successfully implemented by the young volunteers.

Every year JAAGO Foundation organizes National Youth Assembly (NYA) since 2017. The third edition of National Youth Assembly 2019 (NYA) was held on 9th March 2019 with the theme of “Empowering Youth for National Development” in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. National Youth Assembly serves as a platform to strengthen and mobilize youth with the skills and opportunities needed to be agents of impactful change. Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking sessions and ideation challenges youth delegates gain the relevant knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to take action and build projects of their own. The Assembly features various workshops, interactive sessions between the volunteers and distinguished speakers on social development, dimensions of human development, social entrepreneurship, community participation, and social justice.

For the last 2 years, the National Youth Assembly was organized to tackle society’s greatest challenges and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better Bangladesh. The 4-day residential program arranged a mix of speakers and coexisting panels on multiple issues. It is imperative that we engage the young talent and drive of Bangladesh’s 52 million youth, as Volunteer for Bangladesh has strived to do since its inception.

JAAGO Foundation always encourages volunteers to become a part of the youth family and bring positive change within and people around them. VBD allows the volunteers to come up with their innovative ideas, sharpen it and implement it to a way that benefits the community because VBD promotes youth leadership initiatives. JAAGO Foundation strongly believes that Bangladesh will gradually rebuild as a wealthy nation with the help of the youth of our society.