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Child Sponsorship Program for Education

‘Sponsor a Child’ or ‘Child sponsorship’ is a kind of fundraising in which a charitable organization co-operates a donor sponsor with a particular child beneficiary. The primary goal of sponsorship is to help provide children with their best chance for success. The sponsor receives updates from the child, typically including photos and translated letters, which helps create the appearance of a personal relationship with the child. The donated funds are generally not spent specifically on the sponsored child but rather used as a source of supply with other contributions to fund a difference in education, health, security, infrastructure, or other projects in the child’s community or country.

Why Child sponsorship program?

According to a new analysis from the World Bank Group and UNICEF, it has been shown that almost 385 million children of all over the world, living in extreme poverty. One in five children in developing countries is growing up in extreme poverty. This not only limits their futures, it drags down their societies as well. So it is very important to give shelter for underprivileged children to create a better society. The charitable organization usually works for Child Sponsorship to help underprivileged children and give all kind of supports to fulfill their needs. Children need loving caregivers, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, opportunity and safety. Child Fund works to help communities fill those gaps for children.

How does Child sponsorship work?

When people sponsor children, their contribution goes straight to the heart of the children’s community. Their sponsorship ensures their sponsored children have the chance to go to school, to eat a healthy meal each day, to be safe and healthy and to have a roof over their head and food in their belly. Today’s children will be the future generation to lead the world. Unless ensuring their life security through food and healthy shelter and quality education to remove poverty, it is impossible to develop a community.

Why Sponsor a child through JAAGO?

For the last 12 years, JAAGO has been operating schools for thousands of underprivileged children to create a society – free of exploitation, discrimination and violence, to enable it to reach its ultimate socioeconomic potential. To remove poverty through quality education, using the digital platform JAAGO is taking quality education in the most rural parts of Bangladesh. Currently, 3,500 underprivileged children are getting free of cost quality education.

JAAGO Foundation, the first organization in Bangladesh who are working very hard to sponsor underprivileged children for giving a holistic education by providing books, notebooks, school uniform, school socks, and school bag along with monthly medical check-ups, nutritious boosts and hygiene products. Moreover, currently, JAAGO is working for achieving the targeted sustainable development goals. So sponsor a child through JAAGO can be the unrivaled way of upholding a wealthy society. To sponsor a JAAGO child, the donor has to sign-up for a monthly donation of BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20) to support a deprived child’s school education. With this small amount, that is less than even $1 a day, a sponsor can offer a disadvantaged child a dignified future.

To bring about substantial improvement in the lives of disadvantaged children with special emphasis on their education and nourishment, it is badly needed to sponsor underprivileged children for re-building a new generation.

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Sponsor the monthly education cost of an impoverished Bangladeshi child with less than 1 US $ a day and help bring a meaningful difference in both of your lives!