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Digital Content/ Research & content digitization

Help Bangladesh’s children break the poverty cycle today…

Our vision is to facilitate social mobilization by:

1. Developing  skilled human resources through providing quality education.
2. Growing their confidence and communication skill in a global context.

Our students, as a result of their harsh socio-economic background, struggle for the most basic needs just to survive. Thus, access to formal academic education remains a far off cry for them. Their perspectives towards life majorly lack motivation and positive spirits.   

This is the main reason the tools and methods of teaching that we have carefully developed are solely customized catering to the level of general understanding of the children of this community, and are  quite  different from that of traditional teaching followed in traditional schooling system.

To implement this, we have invested considerable amount of quality time and sincere efforts for the development of  interactive contents.  Our dedicated team of expert researchers are consistently working on the design and development of such contents aligning it with the curriculum we follow in our schools.

We are also working towards sharing the developed contents and reading materials with general public through an online platform, so that everyone has an easy access to our content and can get benefited by this quality study material totally free of change.