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Education Program

Education Program

Quality Education For All!

Equip children for a smarter future!

JAAGO Envisions building a smarter generation who will take Bangladesh towards the super-highway of progress and contribute making it a global superpower! JAAGO believes an access to quality education for all can make it happen!

With a decade-full of in-depth experiences in the school education sector and most of all, with the remotely-located yet successfully running JAAGO Digital School branches, we at JAAGO foresee working in a much bigger scale to build a smarter, brighter and dignified future for not only the children of our less-advantaged community but for the entire Country as a whole!

Bangladesh has an impressive 44% literacy rate, which undoubtedly is a big success of the present Government’s visionary education policy.   Still, there exist some major areas of development concerning the national primary education system. These include: poverty and rising inequality, widening disparities in education opportunities and facilities, poor class-attendance and alarming dropout-rates, lack of skilled teachers, lack of scientific curriculum, high cost of school-education, imposition of newer systems of education without proper teachers-training programs, etc.

JAAGO education program is designed and built upon latest ICT-based digital schooling system, a pool of highly skilled / qualified and professionally-groomed teachers, our in-house research-led modern, creative curriculum and digitized contents. We strictly follow a holistic approach towards education, so that each of our students gradually tend to find an identity, meaning, and purpose in life, as they grow up.


We at JAAGO foresee working in a much bigger scale to build a smarter, brighter and dignified future for not only the children of our less-advantaged community but for the entire Country as a whole!

Content Digitization

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Psychological Support

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Online School

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Parents Counselling

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Healthy Living

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Digital Island Moheshkhali

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Sponsor the monthly education cost of an impoverished Bangladeshi child with less than 1 US $ a day and help bring a meaningful difference in both of your lives!


Children's Story

Your generous contribution can start a chain of positive changes in their lives. Your kindness can help them understand the importance of education and to change their futures.

Pushpo Akter Brishty

Student, JAAGO

Puspo wants to go to school,learn and make friends,but her parent’s small income means education is a luxury. Your kindness can help her claim her right to education and give her the chance to work for a better life. Your monthly donation can bring light to their survival and help her escape this hard life.

Romana Howlader

Student, JAAGO

For a family that can’t even make ends meet, education is a luxury. But Romana deserves a chance to break free from this endless poverty and have a chance at a good life. With your help, she can get an education that can help her achieve success and inspire her younger brother to do the same.

Jannatul Ferdous

Student, JAAGO

In Jannat’s family not everyone has had the luxury of schooling. But Jannat wants to go to school and make the most of her childhood like her sister. She doesn’t want to stay in the dark and poverty like her other siblings. Your kindness can make her wishes come true - you can change her life.