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Support Poushi to Meet Her Goal

Poushi is not your average 11-Year old girl. She is fond of wearing boy’s T-shirt over dresses, climbing trees over collecting dolls and playing football over jump rope. She often finds herself in trouble for picking fights with the boys of her village and her mother has already announced that she will marry Poushi off to an Islamic preacher if she so much as mentions Diego Maradona again. Poushi pays no heed to her mother and continues going to watch the world cup football matches with her father.

Whenever, she is watching these games in the field with the other villagers, she finds herself catching glimpses of her father as he passionately cheers Argentina on. Poushi’s father had always wanted to be a football player and had just about made it to the local football team. As fate would have it, he had not been able to pursue his dream as he had been weighed down by the responsibilities of earning a living for his family.

Poushi’s father has had to hear a lot of criticism for not being able to have a son. It is these denunciations that has led Poushi to make a promise to her father. Poushi wants to play for the Bangladesh women’s team and wants to win championships like Krishna Rani Sarkar. She wants to break the taboo and prove to all those who have shamed them that women too can make a difference.

Poushi’s father had been hesitant about his daughter’s growing passion, having failed himself. However, after seeing the Bangladesh Women’s National Under-17 football team becoming the winner of the 2017 SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship, he is beginning to encourage his daughter to live the dream that he never could. Poushi’s determination is reflected not only by her performance at the field, but by her performance at school too. Poushi is excelling in her studies at JAAGO Teknaf School and motivates the girls in her class to play sports with her.

You can support children like Poushi on their goals to prove to the world that success is not determined by gender. To stand by passionate children like Poushi, sponsor a child today.

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