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Support Mila To Meet Her Goal

“Growing up with brothers, I was always involved in outdoor activities and that is where my love for football started. It is unheard of for a girl to play football in our slums, and the boys in our area always mocked me whenever I tripped over. They would always taunt, ‘Women can’t play football. It’s a man’s sport.’ Every time they attempted to tease me, I would chase after them with my sandal and remind them how the Bangladesh Women’s National Under-17 football team became the winner of the 2017 SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship.

My friends at JAAGO motivate me to continue practicing with the boys after school. I am working hard to keep my grades up, so that my teachers don’t feel like football is distracting me. With the world cup in full swing, my brothers are rooting for Messi or Neymar and try to copy them. However, I do not want to follow them, I want to follow Krishna Rani Sarkar, the captain of our Women’s National Under-17 football team. I do not want to be the next Christiano Ronaldo, I want to be the next Mila Begum- the greatest defender the world will ever see.” -Mila Begum, Student of Grade 2, JAAGO Rayerbazar School

The children at JAAGO are enthusiasts and are ready to redefine the social norms, just like little Mila. Sponsor a child today to support their education and help these children on their mission to build a brighter future.

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