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Support Harun to Meet His Goal

“Gooooaaaalllll!” The team shouted in unison and ran to embrace each other in absolute delight. As Harun watched from the other side of the gate of the sports training center, he raised his little arms too and flayed them around in celebration.

Harun and his friends headed back home, energized by the results of the game. On the way, his friend retold how the mid-field swerved through the defense of the opposing team and charged towards the goal post, while Harun demonstrated for the group how the player infiltrated through the goalkeeper and defenders to score the goal.

Like a snake to a piper’s music, that evening Harun rushed with his friends an hour early to the field, where they would air the match on the small television. The group wanted the nearest seats to the television and sat down in a clump on the grassy ground. Harun’s eyes were glued to the screen the entire game and followed every move the players made. As Brazil scored against Switzerland and the spectators cheered in delight, the young face of Phillipe Coutinho popped up while Harun watched in awe.

On his way back home that night, Harun wondered what it would take for him to be in the screen of that television. He knew he had the skills to be the perfect forward, like his idol Neymar; even Harun’s friends sang praises of his attacks. At home, Harun’s mother dictated a number of chores he needed to get done the following day as she cooked dinner on the mud stove and fanned his wailing little sister. That night as Harun lay on the floor, cramped between two of his siblings, he stared at the ceiling and wondered what it would be like to be in a sports school where he was the captain of the school team. He imagined himself holding a cup, next to Christiano Ronaldo and felt a tear roll down the side of his face. If only fate would give him the chance, he knew he would prove himself as the best forward in the world.

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