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Help Bangladesh’s children break the poverty cycle today…

At JAAGO Foundation we are working hard to provide high quality education to the underprivileged children of Bangladesh, and we continually strive to reach more districts and improve the educational standards provided to our students. As a result, our funding is limited, as we receive no government support and rely heavily on generous individuals and corporations to help us in providing free-of-cost education to impoverished children in Bangladesh.

You are able to help in breaking this poverty cycle, simply by dedicating a little of your precious time and effort to help raise funds – you personally can make a world of difference to hundreds of the nation’s poorest children. Help us to help the 3.3 million uneducated children in Bangladesh to fulfil their dreams, and make life the opportunity it should be.

Cost Details
$10 Provides stationary for five students for one year
$25 Provides the hygiene products needed for two children for one year
$40 Provides nutritional meals for one child for one year
$500 Provides books and notebooks for 55 students for one year
$1000 Provides chairs and tables for one classroom

How to fundraise with JAAGO

Get your community together, organise an event…

By organizing an event in aid of JAAGO – whether it be big or small – you will be giving children in Bangladesh the opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle and create an educated future generation.

When planning your event or thinking of ideas, there are no limits! Most importantly the event should be something you enjoy and can easily organise. To help you with organising and planning your event, we have put together a Fundraising Guide with more information about JAAGO, useful hints and some event ideas – please click here for more info.

Previous JAAGO fundraisers

JAAGO are lucky enough to have a great team of supporters across the globe organising fantastic fundraising events in aid of our schools and students. If you are looking for some inspiration, here is where to start! Take a look at the previous fundraising events that our brilliant supporters have organised here…