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GlobalGiving’s 2019 Year-End Campaign is the biggest fundraising campaign of the year. This campaign helps drive more funds towards the important work that every nonprofits do. 

JAAGO Foundation helps educate the less fortunate ones in our society to ensure a better and brighter future for them, thus crafting a world where no single child is deprived of the fruits of knowledge.

This December, the JAAGO Foundation is participating in Global Giving’s Year-End Campaign which harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy through donation and celebrate generosity worldwide.

As of now the JAAGO Foundation supports 3,500 children across 12 schools in Bangladesh, giving them the means to dream for a better future for themselves. With your donations JAAGO Foundation will be able to offer opportunities for underprivileged students to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.


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This December donate on GlobalGiving Year-End Campaign to help underprivileged children from Bangladesh go to school. Your donation can ensure quality education for them and bring a meaningful difference in their lives.!

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GlobalGiving’s 2019 Year-End Campaign will begin at 00:00:00 ET on Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019, and end at 23:59:59 ET on Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019.

Online donations (credit card, debit card, PayPal, ApplePay, and individually-purchased GlobalGiving gift cards), mobile donations through M-Changa, checks, and wire transfers will count towards the total raised in the Year-End Campaign. Online donations must be made by the account or credit card holder.

Also, GlobalGiving is a registered nonprofit charity in the United States and England and Wales. Donations made by eligible donors in the United States can be claimed as tax deductible contributions on United States tax returns. Donations made by eligible donors in the United Kingdom can claim Gift Aid (an extra 25% added to eligible donations by the UK Government) when they donate in GBP.

What is JAAGO Foundation?

JAAGO Foundation is a movement initiated by the youth of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the education and rebuilding of our nation.

How and when did it start?

JAAGO Foundation started its journey on 14th April, 2007 when Korvi Rakshand and his friends rented a single room in the Rayer Bazar slum area. With a single dream of changing the lives of the children in the area, Korvi and his friends began teaching the 17 children who showed up.

The first supporting project that JAAGO initiated was the distribution of relief supplies after a flood in 2007.

Are you registered officially?

Yes, JAAGO Foundation is a registered non-profit organization at the ‘Office of Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms’ under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The registration number S – 8027(48)/08.

Do you have any contact with the Bangladesh government and do they know you?

Yes, we are registered under the Government of Bangladesh. We have worked with the government in various campaigns and they have always supported our cause.

Who is the Founder?

The Founder of JAAGO Foundation is Korvi Rakshand Dhrubo

D.O.B.: August 19, 1985

Born: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Current Residence: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Is this a missionary school?

No, JAAGO Foundation is not a missionary school – we are simply a non-profit organization that provides free of cost international standard education to those people who cannot afford one.

How can my organisation support JAAGO?

JAAGO welcomes contributions from both public and private sector enterprises. Organisations may choose to support JAAGO as a whole in monetary terms or in other ways according to their own convenience – for instance through skill-sharing and training.

JAAGO also accepts sponsors for various social awareness campaigns such as Universal Children’s Day, World Environment Day, World Water Day and the Annual Iftar.

Please email info@jaago.com.bd for further information.

What are the expansion plans for JAAGO Foundation?

JAAGO Foundation plans to open a branch in every district of Bangladesh. In this way, we hope to provide education to the impoverished and brighten the futures of the children of Bangladesh.

What is the main objective of JAAGO?

To break the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation. JAAGO Foundation aims for the betterment of the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background and empowering the youths along with inspiring volunteerism in Bangladesh

What is the process by which JAAGO intends to achieve its long-term goal?

Whilst JAAGO’s primary focus is on education, we also work on various support projects that aim to empower women and increase employment opportunities for impoverished communities within Bangladesh. By maintaining a balance of education and skill enhancement for the children, coupled with providing a means to produce income for the family, JAAGO can ensure that the children are able to become fully educated.

On the other hand, being the pioneer in proving the youth a voice and a platform through its youth wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh”  JAAGO  is now reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth in every citizen.

This balance will ultimately allow for the accomplishment of the JAAGO goal – to break the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation.

What curriculum does JAAGO teach?

The JAAGO Foundation School follows a unique curriculum that is of International Standard, and has been developed by combining the International and National curriculum. Alongside this, various techniques and teaching methods are used that are adapted to suit the requirements of the students at the schools.

Does JAAGO Foundation generate any income?

At the moment, JAAGO Foundation operates through it “Sponsor A Child”  program and corporate partnership .

How do you manage the accounts?

Our accounts are maintained by professional accountants and are audited periodically. These audit reports are publicly available on the JAAGO website please click here.

How can I make a donation?

To make a one-off donation to support the education of underprivileged children in Bangladesh please click here

Alternatively to donate regularly and become a child sponsor please click here

How can I get involved?

Details are available on the JAAGO Foundation website, www.jaago.com.bd. If you have any further queries, simply mail us at info@jaago.com.bd

What is JAAGO’s plan for the adult community?

JAAGO Foundation understands that in order to improve the entire community we must also help the adults. As a result we have already established the sewing centre, which currently exports high-end, designer boutique products to Australia and the UK.

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