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Recently, Mr. Nehal Ahmed, the Sr. Director & Head of Communications,Grameenphone (Telenor Group) visited JAAGO Foundation. Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan from Grameenphone joined him in the detailed tour.

The host team, comprising of Mr. Korvi Rakshand, our Founder and some high officials from ‪#‎JAAGO‬ and ‪#‎VBD‬, greeted them at the entry of our Rayer Bazar School branch. Mr. Nehal there started the ride with learning about the ‘Hole in the Wall’, that offers free-access to internet for the local under-privileged community including the slum children. Then he visited some of our classrooms, the computer-lab, study-library and met the key people working there.

Following that, the troop visited our Online Teachers’ Centre to gain first-hand experience on how the daily operations and digital-school management is being conducted from the JAAGO Headquarter.

Mr. Nehal sat inside one of the Online Teachers’ booths and conversed with a group of remotely located JAAGO digital-school students via video-conferencing system. With this unique experience, the distinguished guest expressed his surprise and exclamation to have interacted with these blessed children! To his utter amazement, he expressed his joy to see how smartly these under-privileged community children presented themselves to him and confidently told him about their dreams and aspirations of life!

He experienced how the GP-JAAGO partnership in the digital-School platform, that aimed to transform the future of the remotely located disadvantaged community children, was slowly yet steadily making its mark, to make the dream ‘Quality Education for All’ a reality in near future!

Mr. Nehal highly praised the level of professionalism and efficiency JAAGO puts to run this unique educational platform, totally free of cost, through use of latest ICT tools and with active, key support from Grameen Phone and Agni Systems Ltd.

Mr. Korvi finally took them to the offices of the Child Welfare & Sponsorship Dept, Volunteer for Bangladesh, Education Program, etc. to introduce him to the core people and the good work they do. He sincerely wished to continue GP’s possible support aside JAAGO Kids in future.

JAAGO would like to express its thankfulness to Grameenphone once again, for their believing in our greater cause and supporting our children’s education with significant importance! With such responsible acts and humane touches from the corporate sector, JAAGO can boast to dream even bigger!

Thank You, Mr. Nehal and Mr. Hafiz for your extensive and enthusiastic visit to JAAGO and many thanks to Grameenphone for always being there for the JAAGO children!

Agni Systems Limited

Recently, Mr. Nehal Ahmed, the Sr. Director & Head of Communications, Grameenphone (Telenor Group) visited JAAGO…

Posted by JAAGO Foundation on Monday, August 22, 2016