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Anondomela Sharabela : IDLC Organizes Boishakh Festivitie with JAAGO Children

In the event, more than 200 underprivileged children enrolled under various education projects of four organizations- JAAGO Foundation, Obhizatrik Foundation, Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation and Tori greeted the Bengali New Year where they were facilitated by IDLC to raise fund from guests, employees and external parties.

IDLC Finance Ltd arranged a Boishakh celebration “Anondomela Sharabela” at Jahangirnagar University Campus in Savar on Friday, in association with IBA-JU Social Welfare Club, according to a press release.

Among many other festivities, the children participated in an art competition judged by renowned media personality Shampa Reza, concept designer and illustrator Sabyasachi Mistry, renowned cartoonist Morshed Mishu and MM Maizuddin, associate professor and former chairman of the Department of Fine Arts at Jahangirnagar University.

The children also enjoyed rides and a cultural event together with volunteers from the JAAGO Foundation and three other organizations, and IDLC team.

IDLC envisions this event will set examples among other corporates and benevolent donor community whereby more such fundraising activities will be replicated in future.

On the occasion, Arif Khan, CEO and managing director of IDLC Finance Limited said “As a progressive and socially responsible organization, it is our duty to instill a sense of responsibility among the society to ensure a brighter future of our children. Hence, we are pleased to initiate this meet and greet opportunity and hope others will come forward and take such noble initiatives so donations are directed towards the right beneficiaries through the right channels.”

Reference:  Dhaka Tribune (www.dhakatribune.com/business/2019/04/14/idlc-organizes-pre-boishakh-festivities-with-underprivileged-children)