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Impact of Tel-Ed Education Through Telephone

To make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged students, JAAGO came up with an innovative approach to providing education to them in this Coronavirus pandemic. Through their “Tel-Ed” initiative, JAAGO is operating classes over the phone and short messaging service. This project paved the way for providing education to our JAAGO students. The program is increasing the engagement of students and their parents with the teachers. We have received a huge number of positive responses from students & parents.

Response & Impact of Tel-Ed Program:

Shumi * a 4th grader lives in the remote area; however her mother is very sincere regarding her education and whenever they experience any technical and network issues while communicating through phone, the mother immediately rushes to Shumi’s classmate’s house to write down the homework and continue their study. Her parents even called the teacher once when the teacher was late to call them for taking the class.


The father of an Eighth grader Rakib* lost his job due to COVID-19 and the child had to take a job in order to earn for their living. Rakib requested the teacher to take classes at night so that he can study after work. The teacher confirmed that the student always finishes his homework and shows interest to study further.

Shuvo’s * parents left Dhaka due to losing their jobs; however, Shuvo who studies in class 3 is living in Dhaka with his grandmother just to continue his classes as there is a network problem in his village.

Teachers from Rangpur and Dinajpur schools shared that initially the parents were little reserved and doubtful about the procedure; however, now they are extremely satisfied and most of the guardians acknowledged that TelEd is very helpful for their children. After conducting a few classes, the parents were very happy to see their child study again. People in that area most of the time are technically backward and have no formal education. However, now they express their gratitude to us after seeing their child coming back to normal study life again

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.*