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International Day of Education

Education provides children a way out of poverty and shows a track to a brighter future. Still today, about 265 million children around the world do not have the chance to obtain proper education because these children are suffering from poverty, status or cast discrimination, armed conflict, emergencies the effects of climate change and gender inequality. In support of these deprived children who are not able to get the education in the world, the United Nations made a resolution with full consensus by proudly announcing ‘International Day of Education.’

For the last decade, a small country called Bangladesh has been making major progress by increasing the number of students enrolled in primary education. However, 46 million children are still not in school. Other challenges include lack of fully-qualified teachers, inadequate infrastructure, malnutrition and food insecurity. In 2007, JAAGO Foundation took the initiative to eliminate the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in Bangladesh. JAAGO focuses on supporting impoverished children through quality education. JAAGO founded the first free-of-cost formal school which is a Live Digital School that reaches children in remote communities. Through the Digital School system, underprivileged children in the remotest areas of the country can have access to quality education.

International Day of Education

In 12 years, JAAGO has gone from educating 17 children to educating 13,000 children. JAAGO’s first batch of students that began their journey 12 years ago have successfully passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in 2018.

To celebrate the “International Education Day” with pride for the betterment of children all over the world, Korvi Rakshand the founder of JAAGO Foundation stated,“For a country, education is the backbone and an essential element for a country’s progress and development. But we have to increase the quality of education we offer to our students. We have to train our teachers better. Only then will we be prepared for the future.”

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