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International Day of The Girl Child 2020

11th October is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of The Girl Child. We hope this day will inspire in all of us an urgency to eradicate all the social dilemmas, distresses, and obstacles facing our girls. Let us band together and make a promise to create an environment for our girls where they can flourish and unleash all their potential.

In today’s world, it is impossible to bring a positive change while keeping a large number of our women deprived of education. But our social indifferences, poverty, and many other problems hinder our way to ensure education for each and every woman.

Education also promotes better knowledge about family planning, better nutritional knowledge for both the mother and the child, and promotes practices that lead to better overall health. With proper assistance, our women can contribute to increasing the rate of education. So we can come forward together and donate to women’s education now to create a better place for our upcoming generations.

Educate A Girl

Do you know, your little donation can build an educated generation?

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Education gives our women a voice to stand up against all types of gender stereotypes, gender-based oppression, and physical & domestic violence as well. Together, we can make this world a safer place for our daughters.

Unfortunately still today there are some harmful beliefs in our society about girls receiving education. People believe that they should stay at home, do household chores, and look after the children only. Due to such beliefs, lots of women have to engage themselves with 24/7 household activities from a very young age. Only you can help their young dreams fly with colorful wings.

It’s a shocking truth that due to poor sanitation facilities and unhygienic toilets at schools, lots of adolescent girls are compelled to drop out every year in South Asia (which includes Bangladesh as well). With your donations for our girl’s education projects, JAAGO Foundation aims to establish more and more schools for our girls provided with proper sanitation facilities.

Our education projects have already changed many lives like Sumaiya*, who always dreamt about joining a school with a nice formal dress and a bag full of colorful books on her shoulder. She wanted to be a police officer but never believed that she could be one. But now Sumaiya* is paving her path towards her dream with all your love & support. So come forward and sponsor a girl to go to school today and give them a platform to shape their dreams!

JAAGO Foundation has been working to provide quality education for children for more than a decade. JAAGO started with a small classroom of 17 students and has now been able to reach 3500 children from underprivileged backgrounds through 11 schools, with 9 of them being fully digital. JAAGO Foundation has always believed in sustainable development and to achieve that educating all our girls is mandatory. We believe to move our country towards prosperity our women must go ahead. Not that these are some mere words to us, because at JAAGO Foundation we practice our belief also. That’s why we have 64% of female employees in our workplace. With these amazing and talented women beside us, JAAGO is committed to bringing a greater change in the women’s education sector. We are committed to working on women empowerment so that more and more girls can come forward and join our cause.

With your donations for girl’s education charities, we dream about bringing a positive change in this world. We dream of a better community, a poverty-free country, a healthier nation, and a safe abode for all of our women. And your donations are definitely going to be the first step towards bringing this positive change.

Monthly Sponsorships: A more effective way to ensure educational opportunities for our children.

You can support at least one of our students’ monthly education costs of BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20) through our “Sponsor A Child” program. Your gift will be helping a child-in-need getting a new school uniform, a new school bag & necessary school supplies. Besides, it will also carry the cost of the weekly nutritious meal and basic medications that we try to ensure in all our 11 schools. You can contribute to our program through a one-time donation or through a more effective monthly arrangement; either way, your generosity will change many lives for good. Our monthly newsletters will keep you updated about how your gifts will be contributing to gradually making this world a better place to live.