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Ishrat Amin adds colours to little Sinthiya’s world

Ishrat Amin is a renowned wedding-photographer. She has been one of the important figures in the arena of our female photographers, who has inspired many other aspiring women photographers in chasing their similar dreams! Above all, there resides a soft heart in her, a warm soul of a mother that craves for humanity and social development! She believes in JAAGO Foundation and thus has been a well-wisher and advocate of the social cause JAAGO works for, that is: breaking the cycle of poverty through education and rebuilding our nation.

To further support the JAAGO cause, as a sensible and responsible citizen and social change-agent, she took a bold step, to support the education of a JAAGO Child, i.e. Sinthiya of KG class of JAAGO Rayer Bazar school. Doing so, she in an emotional way, embraces motherhood, through JAAGO’s Child Sponsorship program.

She has been longing for quite a time to meet the little lad at her very own JAAGO school campus and to first-hand witness her everyday school-life. But, due to her professional business and hectic daily schedules the wish was not coming true. Finally, on Sept 5th she could make it, and there she was, at our Rayer Bazar school campus, to meet her beloved Sinthiya. While meeting her, for some moments Ishrat’s own childhood school-memories were popping up in her mind every now and then making her more emotional and nostalgic!

JAAGO children like Sinthiya come from a very impoverished background, often suffer from malnutrition and a troubled childhood. JAAGO schools have been trying to give these disadvantaged children a better chance to grow up with dignity. Furthermore, through it’s Child Sponsorship program, JAAGO try to bridge the gap between the able citizens of our society and under-privileged community children.

From that point of view, physical visits of sponsor-parents like Ishrat Amin to meet their sponsored JAAGO child means a lot to both the parties, i.e. the parents and the children.

We would like to pledge our earnest thanks to Ms. Ishrat for making such a valuable time out of her busy scheduled professional life and visit Sinthiya! Thanks for being with Sinthiya! Let’s build an enlightened world altogether!

Ishrat Amin is a renowned wedding-photographer. She has been one of the important figures in the arena of our female…

Posted by JAAGO Foundation on Tuesday, September 6, 2016