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JAAGO Foundation at the Feedback Summit 2018

GlobalGiving is offering an opportunity for ten disaster relief and recovery practitioners to become GlobalGiving Disaster Feedback Fellows. The purpose of the Disaster Feedback Fellowship is to build a community of practice among disaster relief and recovery organizations that collect community feedback and implement changes to improve their work.

The Fourth Annual GlobalGiving Disaster Feedback Fellowship Program will give the opportunity to the fellows to spend one week in Washington, DC learning from each other, promoting their projects to an audience of peers and funders, and speaking at and attending the 2018 Feedback Summit on October 4-5, 2018.

This Summit brings together leading thinkers, practitioners, funders, and researchers in closing feedback loops in aid, philanthropy, and governance.

The Disaster Feedback Fellowship Program is designed to foster effective, long-term disaster recovery strategies and strengthen the capacity of organizations to respond to future disasters, which will ultimately make the communities where fellows operate more resilient.

Disaster Feedback Fellows will spend their first day in Washington learning from each other, as they share their experiences navigating their work in a post-disaster environment. The second day will be all about helping you grow your network and your work, as we provide opportunities for you to tell your stories to new donors or media outlets.

Following their week in DC and with the support of GlobalGiving, the 2018 Disaster Feedback Fellows will help drive feedback learning and peer exchanges within their own communities and the greater GlobalGiving community.

Disaster Feedback Fellows will have the opportunity to share with and learn from each other and other summit attendants. They’ll share how they collect and incorporate feedback from the people they intend to help, and learn new ways to integrate feedback into their everyday work. There is no more crucial time to foster this exchange than now, as disasters are increasing in frequency and severity around the world.

The motto for this year will be “Actions speak louder than words.”Feedback Summit 2018 will be driven by action-oriented leaders in philanthropy, aid, government, impact investing, and frontline service delivery.

JAAGO believes Feedback is a constant learning process to improve the work to have a sustainable impact. JAAGO Foundation uses and encourages constructive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders-community, Volunteers and employees, to grow as an organization.

Mr. Korvi Rakhand, Founder and Chairman of JAAGO Foundation, is selected as a fellow at the Feedback Summit 2018 amongsnt nine other nonprofit leaders from around the world to share his experiences on disaster relief and recovery. Korvi Rakshand will be representing JAAGO Foundation’s Rohingya Relief Fund program named “Safe Haven”. The program aims to support the physical and mental wellbeing of 500 disenfranchised Rohingya children by providing them with a safe space where they are engaged in regular childhood social experiences, learning and emotional healing.