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JAAGO Students Received Report Cards in this Pandemic!

We are excited to share the good news that JAAGO foundation schools have successfully published and distributed the report cards for the 1st quarter (January 2020 – March 2020).

We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic caused changes in our lives, especially for the underprivileged society and our students belong to that society. However, with the kind support of our amazing sponsors, JAAGO never left the side of our students and their families. We ensured their daily supplies of food and also took care of their education. We also kept the students along with their family members engaged and interested in education so they can easily cope up when schools are reopened.

To ensure a flawless education service, assessment is very important, and therefore, we have completed our 1st quarter assessment and started sharing the report cards with the students & their parents. We have also started sharing the report cards with our sponsor parents and we are receiving very positive feedback from them.

This entire endeavor wouldn’t be possible without the extreme dedication and hard work of our teachers. The teachers and the education coordinators had to work really hard for one and a half months to prepare the report cards. To ensure an error-free assessment, they came to schools to use the computer labs, checked the hard copies of the tests that students took before the pandemic, and prepared the report cards accordingly. All the teachers and education coordinators were cautious about maintaining safety and social distancing.

The next challenge was distributing the report cards among the guardians and the students. It was like a challenge and our Education Program Department accepted the challenge. The report card distribution event was arranged successfully maintaining all safety measurements. With proper planning, we made schedules and allowed 5 parents in a classroom at a time, and handed over the report cards to them. We were cautious about the safety of our children and their families and therefore, the safety measurements and social distance were maintained properly. Our teachers explained the assessment procedure clearly to the students and their parents and encouraged them for the next examinations. The parents were happy, hopeful, and thanked us for giving them the courage to dream for a better future.

Without the extreme hard work and dedication of our education department, the entire initiative wouldn’t have been completed so smoothly. Here, we have shared some photographs of the report card distribution event.

We have started sharing the report cards with our beloved sponsored parents and received warm & positive feedback from their end too. One of our sponsors shared his happiness with his relationship manager, saying that his sponsored kid actually improved compared to the previous year and his feeling was no less than a father’s happiness for his own child. While another sponsor shared that she heard some good news after a long time which made her feel that everything will be normal soon.

Our sponsors appreciated the initiative and the fact that we conducted it maintaining proper safety and social distancing, which can be an example to many schools that have not started this yet.

We are grateful to our sponsor parents for their kindness and to and their support to these children even during this pandemic and giving them hope for a better future. We are also grateful to our teachers and education coordinators who are working hard to make sure the contributions of our sponsors actually make an impact and the students get the best possible education.

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