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LG-JAAGO Friendship takes a new turn!

For an individual, knowledge is imperative for leading a decent, healthy life. For a community, knowledge is a must for ensuring a sustainable growth for a better living. For a nation, knowledge is essential for making a strong footprint in the global arena and maintaining strong international relations.

We live in a digital era now and are connected to the virtual ocean of knowledge. With the advancement of ICT and internet, access to knowledge has become way easier to most people around the globe. Information today is literally in our finger-tip!

Yet, there still remain a large segment of global population who belong to the under-privileged community. And to elevate their socio-economic condition, education is the most important tool they can equip with. As a developing country with over 160 million population, Bangladesh too needs to ensure access to quality education for all. JAAGO has been working towards that since last nine years.

LG Electronics Bangladesh tries to bring comfort and ensure sustainable development in human life through its electronic innovation. Alike JAAGO, they also believe that poverty can be eradicated through education.

Recently, the Managing Director of LG Electronics Bangladesh Mr. Edward Kim visited our JAAGO Foundation Headquarter located at Rayer Bazar. Our Founder, Mr. Korvi Rakshand presided over the session and guided them to our Ryer Bazar school campus, the online teachers’ center, the Volunteer for Bangladesh office and gave a brief idea of the way we work towards achieving our dreams. Mr. Kim highly praised our efforts and was very impressed at how we are creating difference in the society. Head of Consumer Electronics of LG Electronics Bangladesh Mr. Mahmudul Hasan and Assistant Manager Mr. Monowar Hussain accompanied him.

To grace the occasion, a MoU was signed between LG-Bangladesh and JAAGO to work in near future for educational development. With this inspiring support, our students will be better able to explore the universe of knowledge with much ease and enlighten their lives accordingly.

JAAGO feels thankful and shows gratitude to LG Electronics Bangladesh for their believing in us!

For an individual, knowledge is imperative for leading a decent, healthy life. For a community, knowledge is a must for…

Posted by JAAGO Foundation on Sunday, July 24, 2016