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Man Returns Home After 9 Years with Help of a Volunteer

Sohel Rana a young man from Natore was married and had two children, with the family living with him in the city. One day, Sohel suddenly went missing. As time passed, his family believed him to be dead and made peace with the loss. Nine years later, they began hearing whispers of Sohel being alive and of a photo of him circulating on social media. The family started to feel the glimpse of happiness. One of the volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh Tarek Aziz was the man with kindness behind all these happiness. Tarek is currently working as the Vice President of Volunteer for Bangladesh, Chattogram Division. 

Tarek took a photo of a man sitting near a pile of discarded mangoes. Tarek was struck by the imagery of rotting mangoes and a man choosing one from among them. After taking the picture, Tareq approached the man and gave him one kg mango. Later he took the man to a nearby restaurant where they began talking and he got to learn that the man was from Natore. Afterwards, Tareq posted the first photograph and a video on Facebook and wrote about the man. Tareq also collected contact numbers of Natore journalists and requested them to highlight the man locally.


Later, a local of Natore recognised Sohel and contacted his family members. Then the family made a video call to Tareq and confirmed the man’s identity. Family members informed Tareq that the man was Sohel Rana, the eldest son of Mazid Shah of Shotokuri village under Singra upazila in Natore, and that he had been missing for nine years. On June 21, eight days after the first picture was taken, Sohel was finally reunited with his family. Sohel’s family members were overwhelmed to see him, but the last nine years also raised a lot of questions.

On behalf of Volunteer for Bangladesh, the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation Tarek Aziz set an example of true humanity, kindness and responsibility by helping a person in need. We are looking forward to seeing more youth come forward with different volunteer activities and take their social responsibility.