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MBM Group brings smile to 2,200 JAAGO Children

It was a heart-warming generous gesture of the MBM Group Limited, taking the noble initiative to gift a total of 4,400 sets of school uniforms for the JAAGO children.  It was an emotional and historical moment for JAAGO and its 2,200 children as well, as this is the first time ever in JAAGO’s last 9 years journey, that each of the JAAGO’s 13 schools children would get 2-sets of uniforms in a single year! We can’t fully express our gratitude towards MBM Group, for how we are touched by this!

On the 23rd of February, 2016 Mr.Wasim Rahman (Managing Director, MBM Group), along with Mr. Mehrooj Jalil (CEO), Mr. Sirajul Islam (CFO), Mr. Manik Rahman (CFOO), Mr. Saifur Rahman (VP) and Mr. Syed Razmul Islam Polash (Manager) attended the informal, cozy ‘Uniform Handover Ceremony’ held in our Rayerbazar school campus. Korvi Rakshand, the Chairman of JAAGO presided over the session with his team.

The visiting team of MBM Group also took a walk through our Online Teachers’ Center. Mr.Wasim Rahman (MD, MBM Group) sat in one of the online teachers’ booths and conversed with a group of remotely located JAAGO online-school students via web-conferencing equipment and professional interactive software. After this experience, he expressed his utter amazement to realize how these children from poverty-ridden remote areas are getting a quality education, totally free of cost, through use of ICT. The MBM team expressed their satisfaction to see the level of professionalism and efficiency JAAGO runs this unique educational platform.

The distinguished guests were also surprised and exclaimed with excitement to meet and interact with our 1st Batch students who smartly presented themselves to the guests and confidently told them about their dreams and aspirations of life! MBM Group also sincerely wished to stay aside JAAGO Kids in future, in similar ways.

JAAGO is very thankful to MBM Group for their believing in our cause and supporting our children! With such responsible acts and humane touches from the corporate sector, JAAGO can boast to dream even bigger! Thank You, MBM Group!

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