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Monthly Sponsorship Expense Breakdown

Though our monthly sponsorship fee is BDT 2000 per month, in reality we spend BDT 2500 for each student. The detailed breakdown of our operating cost per child/ month has been given below:

Startup Expenses Amount Running Expenses Amount
Books & Notebooks (Transport Included) 80 Academics (Worksheets, Stationeries, etc) 70
School Uniform (2 Sets) 95 School Events (Sports, Cultural, Study Tour etc.) 35
Shoes & Socks 60 Repair and Maintenance 40
School Bag 50 School's Administrative Exp. 65
School Furniture & Equipment 65 Teacher’s Training & Content Development 55
School Expansion & Renovation 170 Need Basis Medical Support 5
JAAGO’S Administrative Exp. 25 Salary – Teacher & School Employees 1190
Rent & Utilities 270
JAAGO’S Administrative Exp. 225
Monthly Startup Expense 545 Monthly Running Expense 1955
Total Monthly Expense = 2500

We usually raise the additional BDT 500 through different CSR activities and the one-off / kind donations that we randomly get from individuals and institutions who believe in our vision/mission. With the growing numbers of students each year,  one of the biggest challenges that we now face is school construction, expansion and maintenance. Your contribution eases the financial constraint for JAAGO to run the smooth operation