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Our Updates

Mothercare at JAAGO

The senior management team of world-renowned baby product brand, Mothercare recently visited JAAGO Foundation. They took a tour of our head-office, Rayer Bazar school and Online Teachers’ Center, etc. and brought gifts for our children.

As scheduled, the team started their visit by meeting our Founder Korvi Rakshand, who introduced them to the different departments of JAAGO Foundation and narrated how daily operation is being coordinated here. Following this, the team toured the office of Volunteer for Bangladesh, where our Child Welfare & Sponsorship Dept colleagues gave them an informative presentation on the necessity of our Child Sponsorship Program and how it has been transforming lives of hundreds of underprivileged children by ensuring their participation at JAAGO Schools.

After this, they visited the Online School Teachers’ Centre and met the responsible officials there. They were amazed to see how small initiatives can make big differences! They also saw the use of technology and how it’s connecting people for a greater social cause.

Officials from Mothercare distributed clothes and chocolates among our reception-class children that they brought with them as a token of love for these little spirits! They brought clothes for our reception-class students of all the 13 schools of JAAGO!

A Gift Giving Ceremony was organized at our Rayer Bazar School premises in this regard where Mr.Satish Kumar (Country Manager, Mothercare), Mr. Tanveer Touhid Chowdhury (Responsible Sourcing Officer, Mothercare) and designated officials from JAAGO were present, along with Mr Korvi Rakshand. We solely believe in such noble corporate-partnerships! We look forward to work together in future again to empower the youth & provide standard education to the unprivileged children.

Heartiest thanks to Mothercare for spreading happiness among our children!