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MTB Opens the Door of Financial Inclusion to JAAGO Students

The World Bank has stressed that financial inclusion is a key enabler in reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity, as financial access can facilitate not only day-to-day living but also allows for families to plan long-term goals (such as an investment in education) and unexpected emergencies, therefore improving the overall quality of their lives. Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB) is a financial institution based in Bangladesh that has made a commitment to serve society through employment creation, supporting community projects and events to be responsible corporate citizens. Honouring that they partnered up with JAAGO to introduce their generous new initiative ‘MTB ANKUR’, which will essentially allow underprivileged children to come under financial inclusion. 

MTB Visit JAAGO SChool

‘MTB ANKUR’ is a special savings account created for underprivileged children from the ages of 6-18. With a minimum deposit of 10 taka, there will be no service charge or maintenance cost for the children. MTB has introduced the program on the 8th and 9th December 2019 for JAAGO’s Rayer Bazar school and Banani school, respectively. Many of our student’s parents and guardians never believed that their children would have the privilege of being able to access bank services. When asked how this amazing opportunity could impact her life, Fatima from JAAGO’s Banani School said, “I am very happy and excited, with the tiny little daily money that I am saving I can help my family in the hospital and I can sponsor a JAAGO student after I leave the JAAGO school”. We would like to sincerely thank MTB for reaching out and partnering with JAAGO for this initiative.