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Nabela Noor Visited JAAGO Foundation School

On Tuesday, 17 September, 2019, social media star and beauty influencer, Nabela Noor, visited JAAGO’s Banani School to spend a day with the underprivileged children and see how JAAGO is transforming their lives.

The visit began with a tour of JAAGO school, where Nabela, her sisters, her mother and her husband interacted with the children. Nabela spoke with the children and inspired them with her story. All the children wanted to know her youtube channel name. Later, the children displayed their science projects and explained all the interesting thing they have learned in Science.  For the children, it was an inspiration to hear Nabela’s story. Nabela bonded with the children as they shared their hopes of becoming doctors, artists, teachers, engineers and journalists. One thing which was common between all of them was their love for the country and their desire to bring a change.

Nabela shared her story of how she began her journey as an influencer and inspired the JAAGO children to never give up on their ambitions. She was moved by the stories of the background of the children and plans to sponsor the education of a girl student of from JAAGO’s Banani school branch. She not only advocates for change in global beauty standards but also stands for the cause of educating children despite their social and financial status. Nabela hopes more people will come forward and help JAAGO’s cause of eradicating poverty by educating the nation’s children.