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JAAGO School was informally established in 2007. The journey started with only 17 students, one whiteboard and a small classroom. JAAGO started its journey with the vision of ensuring quality education in the English medium for the underprivileged children of our society. Step by step, JAAGO expanded its quest of spreading the light of education gradually, not only within Dhaka but beyond it as well. JAAGO’s first digital school was built in Gazipur during 2011 and after that, it started growing to other areas as well with the hope of spreading quality education.

During its 10 years of journey through thick and thin, JAAGO now has 12 schools nationwide.  9 of these are digital schools, a concept pioneered by JAAGO in Bangladesh around 8 years ago. The remaining 3 JAAGO schools are offline traditional schools.

Digital School

Bridging the dhaka-based quality teachers with children located in the most remote parts of Bangladesh through remote-access enabled interactive classrooms.

Quality Education

Learning objectives principally with emphasis on concept development.

Holistic Approach

Building humane character traits and optimizing individual capabilities that enable the full potentials of the students to get flourished.


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Sponsor the monthly education cost of an impoverished Bangladeshi child with less than 1 US $ a day and help bring a meaningful difference in both of your lives!


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Our Schools

Equip children for a smarter future!

The concept of digital school is to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of the rural areas where there is shortage of experienced teachers. Our digital school teachers carry out the classes virtually from Dhaka while two support teachers are present at the digital school itself to monitor the students.

With a much smaller, simpler dream of educating a group of 17 slum children, much smaller resources like a white-board and a set of marker-pens, we JAAGO started our tiny footsteps in the field of education a decade ago! Gradually we felt a moral obligation to widen our work-span more and more.
With a motto to reduce the quality gap between the urban and rural classroom -based school education system, JAAGO pioneered ICT-based, remote-access- enabled Online-School concept in Bangladesh back in 2011.
JAAGO believes in creating global citizens through ensuring quality education to all and become smarter citizens to compete in an advanced-paced professional arena.


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Children's Story

Your generous contribution can start a chain of positive changes in their lives. Your kindness can help them understand the importance of education and to change their futures.

Jannatul Ferdous

Student, JAAGO

In Jannat’s family not everyone has had the luxury of schooling. But Jannat wants to go to school and make the most of her childhood like her sister. She doesn’t want to stay in the dark and poverty like her other siblings. Your kindness can make her wishes come true - you can change her life.

Romana Howlader

Student, JAAGO

For a family that can’t even make ends meet, education is a luxury. But Romana deserves a chance to break free from this endless poverty and have a chance at a good life. With your help, she can get an education that can help her achieve success and inspire her younger brother to do the same.

Pushpo Akter Brishty

Student, JAAGO

Puspo wants to go to school,learn and make friends,but her parent’s small income means education is a luxury. Your kindness can help her claim her right to education and give her the chance to work for a better life. Your monthly donation can bring light to their survival and help her escape this hard life.

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Contribute in our mission to breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

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Support a child’s monthly education cost and help build an enlightened community.

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