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Our Updates


Shouhardo Foundation and JAAGO Foundation have signed a partnership for “Sponsor a Child” and “Health Care” for Students till the year 2020.

On 4 th September 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Shouhardo Foundation and JAAGO Foundation at the JAAGO Foundation Headquarters. President & Executive Committee Member, Shouhardo Foundation, Ms.Minhaz Hasnin , Treasure & Executive Committee, Ms. Nilufer Yesmin and Korvi Rakshand, Founder & Executive Director, JAAGO Foundation were presented during the signing ceremony and it was witnessed by Mr. K M Mahubur Rashid, Dr. Hena Khatun, and other higher officials of the organizations.

Shouhardo Foundation has a significant interest to get involve into JAAGO’s school operation which is “Sponsor a Child” program. As SF has similar perceptive with JAAGO, SF committed to sponsor 10 (Ten) students as a first endeavor to work with JAAGO Foundation. SF came to an agreement to sponsor 10 students who will be supported with the support of materials such as books , notebooks tuition fees ,school uniform, books, stationery, teacher’s salary, weekly nutrition, monthly medical checkups etc. SF also ensured to sponsor health care by providing a basic medical care support for these students.

In future, Shouhardo Foundation also interested to work with JAAGO Foundation on bigger aspects.

“I am proud that we are now officially working with renowned organizations like JAAGO Foundation, our mission is to reduce illiteracy and create better future for underprivileged children in Bangladesh, stated by Ms.Minhaz Hasnin .Korvi Rakshand added, “I am grateful that we could collaborate with Shourhardo Foundation to create better Bangladesh and reduce the illiteracy, we appreciate the support of Shouhardo Foundation.”

For more information, please contact:
Tanvir Muzaddid
Asst. Manager | JAAGO Foundation
Email: tanvir.muzaddid@jaago.com.bd
Cell: +8801777742128 / +8801678068806