Youth Vote Matters

Youth Vote Matters

Project Duration

Dec 2022 – Dec 2023

Donor / Partner


64 districts in 8 Divisions of Bangladesh

Target Group

Youth groups, politically active citizens, political leaders, candidates for upcoming national election, young debaters from debate clubs, people of community, influential members of the society and local journalists.

Total Beneficiary

Direct - Youth
Indirect - Community, Society, Government, Women, and the country overall


In a democratic system, every voter has the right to participate in the electoral process in a peaceful and safe environment. However, political violence is still inextricably linked to Bangladeshi politics, and election violence is a significant component of that violence. In the last few elections, the intensity and severity of violence have also increased. Violence has a number of consequences, including deaths, interference with campaigns, property destruction, and economic loss. Looking back on Bangladesh’s 2018 election, there were a series of savage attacks, especially on opposition party candidates, as well as fights between ruling and opposition party men, all centered on the general election. International bodies have called upon the government to ensure an environment “free of violence, intimidation and coercion” before, during and after the elections and have placed emphasis on holding a peaceful, credible, and inclusive poll. Election violence is a well-known phenomenon to the Bangladeshis, as they see people being maimed, slaughtered, and even killed during every national election. It has been an integral part of the political culture of violence, which is caused by the intolerance prevailing among the political parties. This causes fear for the women and intense apathy among the general youth towards participating in the election for using their voting rights. Acts of vandalism during the election trigger irreparable detriments to the national economy, as the infrastructures and public vehicles are ruined. Even in the last Uplozilla election, there were many youths who refrained from casting a vote. Fear among the voters has a direct impact on voter participation and as result voters couldn’t cast votes due to fear.

JAAGO Foundation plans to initiate a “Youth Vote Matters’ campaign in Bangladesh with the aim to increase youth participation in national elections through a huge array of awareness building within community engagement activities by mobilizing youth. Youth engagement and mobilization in the process of national development is one of the core missions, for this reason, JAAGO targets to impact the election environment by developing the capacity of the youth and turning them into the promoter and ambassadors of peace, where they will be motivated to refrain from violence instead of waging them. And by conducting community engagement activities and social media campaigns JAAGO plan to sensitize youth in 64 districts. As JAAGO has a huge young volunteer base countrywide (50,000 registered volunteers), the implementation of the planned activities for this campaign will be achieved in a befitting manner through appropriate culturally accepted activities while designing the project in 64 districts of the country.


To Ensure Bangladesh’s youth can play a meaningful role in shaping Bangladesh’s democratic future with the help of capacity-building and awareness-raising during the 2023 national elections.


  1. To capacitate (448) youth volunteers from the Volunteer for Bangladesh on the importance of youth participation in national elections of Bangladesh and their voting rights.
  2. To create awareness among the youth (64 districts) around their participation in the 2023 National election and their voting rights through community mobilization by the volunteers.

Activity Details

Act – 01 Capacity building and knowledge dissemination among the Youth volunteers

Act 1.1 – Knowledge dissemination content and module development

Knowledge dissemination content, materials and module for the training will be developed by experts.

Act 1.2 – Capacity building training of the youth volunteers

To help and empower youth to develop their capacity by taking community initiative for the nation, 448 youth volunteers will be directly trained through a two-day-long residential workshop in 8 divisions of Bangladesh (56 youth leaders from each division). On the first day of the workshop, there will be a discussion about good governance, democracy, voting and youth rights. On the second day of the workshop participants will work within their groups for problem tree analysis to solution mapping around the discussed issues followed by sharing sessions with the wider youth participants. Through these two day long workshops youth volunteers will be prepared for community mobilization.

Act – 02 Community mobilization

Act 2.1 – Community mobilization through youth action

Right after the workshops held, youth volunteers from 64 districts will conduct community sensitization campaigns on “Youth Vote Matters”. Volunteers will design and implement awareness campaigns based on their local political structure. Each of the districts will receive some seed money for implementing the community initiatives involving more youths. Youth volunteers will also share their activities on social media using the #YouthVoteMatter hashtag to make the campaign viral.

Act 2.2 – Community Mobilisation through social media campaign

In addition to the social media posts shared by the youth volunteers, a separate social media campaign will run throughout the project period. Contents around “Youth Vote Matters” will be shared from all JAAGO Foundation and Volunteer for Bangladesh social media sites to increase youth participation in national elections through a huge array of awareness building within community engagement activities by mobilizing youth. Awareness materials such as videos, static posts, and youth perceptions will be shared through this campaign.