Human Rights Education Club

Human Rights Education Club

The project’s primary output focused on strengthening and expanding the Human Rights Education Club in Bangladesh. This involved the training and empowerment of 20 youth leaders who gained a deep understanding of human rights and other related issues. The initiative was meant to help people learn more about important human rights issues like bullying, teaching … Read more

Ending Gender Stereotypes in Classrooms

Ending Gender Stereotypes in Classrooms-min

The “Ending Gender Stereotypes in Classrooms” project in Bangladesh, jointly implemented by the JAAGO Foundation Trust and UN Women, has successfully challenged gender stereotypes in educational institutions. The project adopted a multi-faceted approach, targeting students, teachers, parents, and the broader community. While student sessions were instrumental in fostering a gender-inclusive learning environment, recent developments have … Read more

Skilled Futures: Enhancing the Abilities of Youth with Generation Unlimited

Enable young people in Bangladesh to engage in, influence and co-create opportunities for youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda

Objective The GenU Bangladesh project aimed to empower young people in Bangladesh to engage, influence, and co-create opportunities for marginalised youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda. Project Summary GenU (Generation Unlimited) Bangladesh, in partnership with JAAGO Foundation, aimed to identify, advocate for, and support equitable solutions that align with the GenU agenda which is … Read more

Apnar Mask Kothay | A Project from JAAGO Foundation

Apnar Mask Kothay Project by JAAGO Foundation.jpg

Rationale Masks are a part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19. Most of the people of our country are still unaware of using masks correctly at any crowded place. People have … Read more

Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A)

Hand Hygiene for All HH4A

Rationale The Hand Hygiene for All initiative is necessary to move the world towards the goal of supporting the most vulnerable communities with the means to protect their health and environment. The initiative will support WHO to implement global recommendations on hand hygiene to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic and work to ensure lasting … Read more

Let’s Read Together


Objective To ensure the usage of safe internet among children and create inclusive digital opportunities for students from all classes and backgrounds to strengthen their knowledge and reading capacity.   Project Summary The increasing use of digital technology has brought about a new era of learning and communication. However, this has also resulted in new … Read more

Challenging Fear of Violence – An Initiative from the JAAGO Foundation

Challenging Fear of Violence – An Initiative from the JAAGO Foundation

This project is an initiative from the JAAGO Foundation to address women’s experiences of fear of violence. In this project, researchers will work closely with survivors of gender-based violence and their families in order to understand their lived experiences and the underlying mechanisms.

World Book Day – JAAGO Foundation


Rationale World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrations, books, and reading and is observed in order to promote the benefits and enjoyments of reading books. UNESCO celebrates World Book Day every year on April 23 as a symbolic date for world literature. The day celebrates the role of books as a bridge … Read more

Youth Climate Action and the Commonwealth

Youth Climate Action and the Commonwealth

Rationale In Bangladesh, climate change effect is seen and increasing day by day. Some coastal and southern areas are already affected by climate change disasters. For example, in the Coastal part of Bangladesh, lots of land water is now salty, drinking water crisis, low land productivity, health problem (fungal infection), forest-dependent income is decreasing. Diversity … Read more

Host Community-Based Environmental Action, Education and Nutrition Program

Host Community-Based Environmental Action Education and Nutrition Program Megher School

Rationale This project will seek to address the need for quality education, life skills, and employment opportunities for the underprivileged children and youth of four surfing clubs of Cox’s Bazar through close collaboration with parents and community. In this project, JAAGO Foundation will provide non-formal education to the surfing children and youth for three years. … Read more