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Psychological Support

Help Bangladesh’s children break the poverty cycle today…

Due to our students socioeconomic background, these children grow up in a volatile environment that is totally non-child-friendly and very unhygienic too. While growing up, they often undergo tremendous mental trauma and prolonged stress that leads to depression heavily disrupting their academic, physical and mental wellbeing. Such prolonged negative occurrence is followed by being dropout from school, which is not only unfortunate for the children but also for the society as a whole.

Given the backdrop, back in….. we consciously decided to initiate a support service in our education program to provide psychological support to our students, especially the ones with a disturbed childhood due to their broken families, surrounding dangerous environment, immediate threats, etc. Under this program, an expert Psychological Counsellor provides regular counselling and advice to multiple stakeholder communities – the students, their parents and our school teachers, just  to ensure the victim students’ psychological well-being.