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TEL-ED: Quality Education over Phone!

Muhammad Sajhad Islam is a student of class 1 in JAAGO Foundation School. His father is a driver and mother is a maid. Due to the COVID- 19 lockdown, education institutions are closed for an indefinite period. As a result, Sajhad is now cut off from education like thousands of children. As we know, JAAGO Foundation has been providing Quality Education to underprivileged children in Bangladesh for the last 13 years and in this global pandemic, the foundation has been trying to make sure that the students and their families can survive in this crisis and come back to school. 

To make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged ones, JAAGO came up with an innovative approach to providing education to our students. Apart from their Digital Education system, through their “Tel-Ed” initiative, JAAGO will be operating classes over the voice messaging service and short messaging service.

volunteerSo now, Sajhad is able to continue studying through this Tel-Ed initiative. His mother, Mrs. Selina Begum said that Tel-Ed has added some new dimensions in their life. Sajhad is very much enjoying the Tel-Ed project. Everyday he checks the messages of the teachers after getting up from bed. He feels very happy to see the new homework messages. Sajhad’s mother works in 2 houses & bears their family expenses with this little earning. In the early morning, she checks the messages and monitors while Sajhad studies. After finishing the study, she goes to work. Previously, she didn’t take part in Sajhad’s study but now she thinks her child needs her direct supervision. While helping her child, she is getting familiar with this approach of education. She told us with a very happy voice that she learned many English words which wouldn’t have been possible without the Tel-Ed project. She is trying to understand the outline of study as she has to provide time. She thinks she will attend with her son during the whole Tel-Ed project so that she can help her son till class 5. She wants to be benefited from the project and wants her son to be benefited from her. 

In this Tel-Ed project, SMS and phone calls are made by trained teachers to every student individually according to their needs. Students have the opportunity to read, write, learn, and understand the concepts with the teacher sitting far away from them. This interactive education model not only helps students overcome their mental health situation but also helps them to learn their academic objectives under the National Curriculum & Textbook Board widely known as NCTB. 

The aim of the initiative is to maintain each student’s link with formal schooling and reduce the rate of student dropouts. We hope this will ensure that once things get back to normal, students returning to the classroom will not be overburdened with the process of having to familiarise themselves with the curriculum and the learning process all over again.