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Rayer Bazar to St. Paul, Minnesota: Art for a Cause

A few days ago, a nice glossy big envelope reached JAAGO Foundation’s office located at Rayer Bazar! It came from St. Paul, Minnesota, US. It bore the sender’s name: Kate Woolever Martinez. It refreshed our memories instantly. It was yet another exciting moment for JAAGO! Our dear well-wisher Kate has sent her token of art for our kids once again!

Kate Woolever Martinez, a teacher at the St. Paul Preparatory School in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota visited Bangladesh on a cultural exchange program a few years ago. Going back, she thought of taking her experience into her native classroom and doing something meaningful, insightful.

She turned a routine portrait assignment of her art-class into a valuable lesson, much larger than life! She linked it to the Climate refugees whom she met while here, of Bangladesh, a country worst-hit by the climate change. She also showed how a non-profit school of Bangladesh, JAAGO Foundation, was sincerely trying to making a difference, by improving the lives of families living in a densely populated urban slum located at Rayer Bazar, Dhaka.

When Woolever Martinez returned to Minnesota, she was eager to incorporate her experience into her classroom. She emailed our JAAGO Rayer Bazar School asking for photographs of its students. Receiving the pack as requested, she assigned each of her high school art students the task of creating a drawing or painting from one of the photographs of JAAGO students.

The majority students at St. Paul Preparatory are foreign exchange students from countries like China and Brazil who come to the US to learn English. Kate’s noble initiative created a long-lasting emotional impact in these young hearts, for Bangladesh and its distressed children!

Woolever Martinez wanted to send these artworks to Bangladesh as a welcome gift and so she did last year! This year, it was the second time of such vivid, arty pieces that JAAGO received from her!

JAAGO wants to thank Kate Woolever Martinez & her passionate students for showing such a warm gesture of unconditional love for our country and children once again!