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Relief for Rohingyan Orphans

Rohingya community is one of the largest stateless populations in the world. Restrictions on movement and lack of access to basic health care have led to dire humanitarian conditions for those displaced around August 2017. More than a million of Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar due to the ethnic cleansing.

During the displacement hundreds of Rohingya children at the camps have been separated from their families, and the numbers are growing daily. They have been exposed to trauma on an extreme scale. Therefore, Safe Haven set up an orphanage in the camps for 80 children, where they can get all the facilities with meals three times a day. As there is no system to give these children a formal education, Safe Haven provides these children some informal and religious education. The orphan Rohingya children can take part in different activities in Safe Haven. The whole space is divided into 3 different zones. In the Digital zone, children watch child-friendly cartoons and documentaries. In the play zone, children play indoor games, share their enjoyable memories, and dance and so on. In the creative & learning zone, children learn English, Mathematics, Burmese and religion studies alongside art and craft. All these activities designed to help these children to boost their self-esteem.

Today, through Safe Haven, these Rohingya children can sing, play and learn for a little while and become a child again.