Help Bring A Sustainable Social Change

The best way to change a child’s life is to change the world they live in. When you sponsor a child, you are not only helping them, but also you are changing an entire community to ensure sustainability and giving children the best opportunities for a stable and fruitful life.

USD 27 / GBP 20

Your monthly contribution helps provide life-changing,
essential needs to your sponsored child and his or her entire community



School Bag

Medical Support

Education Materials

Quality Education

Co-curricular Activities

Nutritious Food

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With access to quality education children become lifelong learners, transforming their communities. When you sponsor a child, you are ensuring her/him a better future, helping them to reach their full potential thus breaking the cycle of poverty. You are supporting them with quality education and educational needs such as – schools equipment’s, digital support etc.
Good nutrition is an essential foundation for health and development. Through your contribution, you are ensuring nutritious food for every child, protecting them from malnutrition and helping them to reach their goals.
Good health and nutrition empower children, families and communities, spurring them to live fuller lives. Your generous support ensures that children at JAAGO Foundation receive regular health care, adolescents are provided with proper SRHR care.
Development should be transformational, community-based and sustainable, focused especially on the basic needs of children. Through your contribution, you are improving the underprivileged communities and bringing them out of the cycle of poverty. Child sponsorship is a proven long-term solution to poverty that allows us to transform entire communities and your sponsorship helps provide: education, health, nutrition, life skills and much more.
Startup ExpensesAmountRunning ExpensesAmount
Books & Notebooks (Transport Included)80Academics (Worksheets, Stationeries, etc)70
School Uniform (2 Sets)95School Events (Sports, Cultural, Study Tour etc.)35
Shoes & Socks60Repair and Maintenance40
School Bag50School’s Administrative Exp.65
School Furniture & Equipment65Teacher’s Training & Content Development55
School Expansion & Renovation170Need Basis Medical Support5
JAAGO’S Administrative Exp.25Salary – Teacher & School Employees1190
Rent & Utilities270
JAAGO’S Administrative Exp.225
Monthly Startup Expense545Monthly Running Expense1955
Total Monthly Expense = 2500
An additional BDT 500 through different CSR activities and the one-off/kind donations that we raise from individuals and institutions who believe in JAAGO. With the growing numbers of students each year, one of the biggest challenges that we now face is school construction, expansion and maintenance. Your contribution eases the financial constraint for JAAGO to run the smooth operation