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SCB spent their volunteer day at JAAGO

It was a special morning for the students of our Rayer Bazar School where a group of Standard Chartered Bank employees observed their annual volunteer day.

The corporate volunteer group consisting of around 30 Standard Chartered Bangladesh (SCB) staffs of its different depts. and branches visited JAAGO as part of their regular CSR activity with a motto of spreading goodness across communities. With many spontaneous games and fun elements added in it, the kids and the SCB volunteers had moments of enlightenment throughout the event. The visiting team collaborated with the teachers to inspire the children on how to make good results & conducted some extra-curricular activities with the children to motivate them.

The SCB Volunteers were grouped into teams of three/four and were assigned to each class of Rayer Bazar School where they interacted with the classes. The children took their presence quite warmly and enjoyed every piece of the time they spent together!

Mr. Zubaer Ershad, Head of Client Relationship-SCB was the senior most official in the pack while Mr. Mohammed Ashiq Ur Rahman, Branch Manager, Retail Clients-SCB led the team. In his words: “We’re very happy to be able to spend some time with the children at JAAGO. Our staffs are always passionate about reaching out to the community through volunteering and making positive impacts in the places that we operate in.

SCB, with its corporate creed ‘Here for Good’, is one of the few organizations that actively encourage its staff to take time off work to volunteer in the community.

We firmly believe that, such nonprofit-corporate cooperation always becomes helpful for both the sides as a learning tool and in enhancing the humane-bonding going beyond the contrasting socio-economic standpoints of the participating spirits!