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Science Book for our little JAAGO Kids

Where does rain come from? Why does the Sun disappear at night? Why do volcanoes erupt? These are the few questions that involve and engage the little and lively minds. To answer their delightful queries ‘Research and Development Department’ of JAAGO Foundation developed an elementary science book for first graders.

The book “Elementary Science for Kids: Book-1” is a series of science textbooks for primary graders. The core content of this book is in total alignment with the objectives of our national curriculum, which will provide the foundation of next level concepts of different scientific topics. It illustrates the topics of fundamental science knowledge comprehending completely, that the audience of this book are our junior citizens and the language is kept basic and simple accordingly.

At the end of this topic, project work is designed as an assessment. This includes teamwork, which enables children to develop their interaction skills. This book focuses on the basic science knowledge with very fundamental English that is easy to understand for kids. It presents each chapter with hands-on activities and colorful images. Considering the personalities of our young fellows, classroom environment and social habits activities are designed in a particular manner.

Concepts are introduced with multiple warm up activities that are required by the kids to solve using their existing knowledge on the following concept. Along with these book also allows kids to practice creative and critical thinking through continuously assessment practice activities. Multiple project works and assessment practice items will help teachers to assess the understanding of our young fellows. A summary of the topic is included and new words are defined at the end of the chapter to practice and retain the major information of the topic. The initiative of developing this supplementary elementary science book series will encourage and promote activity based learning in classroom. It will also help young learners to learn and become interested and keen towards science knowledge to make sense of their surroundings. This book is designed to spark a love for science inside the little brains.

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