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Science Festival 2016 held at JAAGO Rayer Bazar School

Class 2 students Maruf and Dolon were showing with high enthusiasm, the different types of seeds and leaves we see around us. At another corner of the room, their classmate Sumi was busy talking about different types of animals, and right next to her there was little Mahiya of the same class who was explaining the existence of air! We were talking about the recently held Science Festival participated by JAAGO Rayer Bazar School’s Class 2 students.

The Science Festival is a fantastic opportunity for the students as the whole process is a joyful learning experience. At the same time, for the  school it’s a hint to see how smart it’s students are becoming!

Sincerely, the Science Festival is something more than just ‘Science’. It’s a hands-on learning for the children, where they have to learn and exercise many life-skills that include: research, teamwork, leadership, democracy, public-speaking, presentation skills. Also they come to know about ethical issues such as: plagiarism and falsification of data used.

There  were in total 10 distinctive projects where the little kids decorated and presented each one with much confidence and high spirit!

The participating 10 projects names were:

  1. Seeds
  2. Leaves
  3. Living and Non-Living Things
  4. Types of Plants
  5. Parts of Plants
  6. Different Types of Animals
  7. How Plants Born and Grow
  8. Man-made and Natural Things
  9. Existence of Air, and
  10. Different Types of Flowers

JAAGO would like to specially thank Teach For Bangladesh (TFB) and its dynamic teachers who made all these possible. Through their devoted commitment to their profession, and their inherent emotional affiliation with the JAAGO children, the change is in the making and already evident in these kids!  At the same time, JAAGO thanks all its well-wishers, supporters and child-sponsors without whose active support these slum kids couldn’t have even made up to this far!

Please have a look at our little flower-some amazing kids with their science-projects! Keep on supporting them, keep on supporting JAAGO!

Very recently we held Science Festival participated by our #JAAGO Rayer Bazar School’s Class 2 students.


Posted by JAAGO Foundation on Wednesday, August 3, 2016