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Siam Passes with Flying Colours at UWC

Siam is one of the brightest students of the first SSC batch of JAAGO Foundation School. He obtained a fully funded scholarship under the ‘Dare to Dream’ programme of United World College in USA. He has successfully passed his first year at UWC and is now preparing himself for the second year.

Siam was admitted to the JAAGO Foundation’s Rayerbazar School in 2007 with hopes of moving forward and achieving great things in life. Siam’s parents work as caretakers in JAAGO Foundation Rayerbazar school. His younger sister also started her schooling here. From the very beginning, Siam always dreamt big and wanted to be a doctor. He had passion for the communication sector as well. He attained GPA 5 in both his JSC and SSC examination. His sponsored parents were greatly concerned and very supportive since his enrollment in JAAGO Foundation school.

success familyBased on the needs of JAAGO students, UWC National Committee in Bangladesh assessed four of them and finally selected Siam for the fully-funded scholarship. 

Through sheer brilliance and his innate talents, Siam has immersed himself in the social, and cultural life at UWC as well. He has partaken in cultural activities and represented Bangladesh and its traditions quite gracefully to students of various ethnicities and nationalities studying there.

Dream lifeThrough this scholarship, a new window of opportunity has opened for Siam which will groom him for his higher studies and inspire more children.