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Siam’s Story: From Bangladeshi Slum Dweller to Student of UWC

A young boy named Siam Hussain Shimul from the Rayerbazar slum, whose rise to the top of the ladder of success began with the support of the JAAGO Foundation. At the age of six, he was admitted to the JAAGO Foundation’s Rayerbazar School in 2007. From then on, his journey begins. After 12 years, this young man is going to pursue higher education at the United World College in America. After asking about his feelings, he shared, “I could not be the person what I am today, without JAAGO’s love and care towards me!”

The joyful journey of JAAGO started with one young man Korvi Rakshand who dreamed to do something extraordinary for the ordinary people of Bangladesh. And was determined to bring for a social change in the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background.

In 2007, JAAGO Foundation has been established for aiming to provide free of cost Quality Education to the underprivileged children coming from the lower socio-economic background. He started the journey in a small classroom with only 17 students. Siam is also one of those disadvantaged children.

Siam believes, “Learning and gaining knowledge through fun is the key to our success.” And even though our parents are not financially capable to take our educational responsibilities, we have come so far with the help of sponsor parents.” Siam’s father said that the founder Mr. Korvi Rakshand always emphasized the need for children’s education in English so that these children could have an unrestricted walk at all levels, nationally and internationally, and for his different educational system, Siam has got the chance to study for higher education in America today. He also added, “We, who cannot afford the money of our children education, JAAGO Foundation has been working tirelessly to fulfil the dreams of us and our children for the past 12 years.”

As Siam was the 1st batch of the student of Rayerbazar School, he witnessed the lows and highs of the journey of JAAGO Foundation very closely. From only 17 students and one classroom, JAAGO is now supporting 3,500 students across Bangladesh with the help of all well-wishers and sponsors of JAAGO who have taken responsibility of a child’s education by supporting them with BDT 2000 monthly. To ensure quality education of distant children despite its geographic location, JAAGO established an innovative teaching system “Digital School” all over the country to provide free quality education to disadvantaged children.

UWC represents a group of 17 international schools and colleges, around 155 national committees and a series of short educational programs. Students from various countries, race, background, ethnicity and cultural dynamics coming together to one place to partake in a variety of academic, educational and extracurricular activities. This year UWC selected 30 students from different institutions of Bangladesh.

Based on the needs of JAAGO students and the selection process of the National Committee in Bangladesh, UWC will provide up to 100% scholarship to Siam. The end goal of such a unique educational institution is to inspire its students to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. JAAGO Foundation will send 4 of their students to UWC National Committee of Bangladesh for going through the assessment process and determine their future. Belonging from a lower-income family, Siam got the chance to be one of the students of UWC.

Asked about how Siam got the opportunity to go to higher study with 100% scholarship at United World College in America, Siam says, “I have been selected based on my good academic results and Co-curricular activities because both are equally important for being selected in a good educational institution.” He also added that the JAAGO Foundation always give equal importance to co-curriculum activities with the quality education for their students.

According to Siam, JAAGO Foundation’s teachers and well-wishers work unselfishly to build a safe and secure future for their students. “I have come so far today with the love and support of all well-wishers and sponsor-parents; if more people come together to help the underprivileged children of JAAGO, a nation free of poverty will become a reality one day.”