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Sponsor Bought Sewing Machines for Four Families

We are extremely happy to share that one of our kind sponsors has helped four of our students’ families by buying four sewing machines. We are not disclosing his name as per his preference but would love to share the stories of the families whose lives will be changed because of his generous support.

Moyeen*who studies in grade 2 lost his father in March 2020 and the family fell into extreme hardship as the father was the sole breadwinner of the family. Currently, they are living with Moyeen’s maternal uncle and going through a lot of financial difficulties. However, his mother didn’t let him discontinue his education and told us that if she had a sewing machine she could earn a living. When we came to know that our kind sponsor would like to support some of our students and their families we suggested Moyeen’s name and bought his mother a sewing machine.

Arif* studies in reception class in Dhaka. His parents lost their jobs during the pandemic and they do not have any source of income. Our team found that family cannot survive without external help and we also came to know that Arif’s mother knows sewing and therefore, our team bought them a sewing machine with the money sent by our sponsor.

Mitu* studies in grade one and her family’s only income source is selling milk. However, due to COVID 19 and the subsequent lockdown, sales went down drastically and so did their income. The family has always been hardworking and honest. Hence, with the support of our sponsor, we bought them a sewing machine.

The first-grader Neela’s* mother is very good at sewing; however, they didn’t have any sewing machine as their financial condition was not good enough to buy one of their own. Neela’s father works as a labor and the only earning member of the family. Neela’s grandparents also live with them and after the pandemic, it has become tough for them to earn their bread & butter. Hence, getting to know about her mother’s expertise in sewing we discussed with the sponsor and bought her the sewing machine.

Our team made sure the families who receive the gifts actually deserve them and we discussed their details with our sponsor and after getting his approval we arranged everything accordingly.
We would love to thank our sponsor for his extreme kindness and continuous support to the underprivileged families. We believe that the families who received the gifts as blessings would justify the gifts and would be able to make a difference.

We are extremely grateful!
*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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