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Our Updates

Staying Connected in Unprecedented Times

During this pandemic, education institutions are closed for an indefinite period. JAAGO already runs a program named “Sponsor a Child” to ensure Quality Education to underprivileged children. In this global Coronavirus crisis, JAAGO has taken an initiative to operate the classes over the voice messaging service and short messaging service. When the situation was normal, students used to talk and meet their sponsors at least once a month. During this crisis, we can’t afford to take such a risk to set up a meeting between them as the schools are now closed. Hence, we have come up with an idea to make this happen through phone calls.

One of our amazing sponsors of our Child Sponsorship program , Mr Rifat Mahmud, met his sponsored kid Shawon a few months back. He wanted to talk to him as the situation is not that stable enough to meet. Mr. Rifat’s Relationship Manager made a conference call between them. It was a wonderful moment for them as they could share their stories, the situations they are going through. Mr Rifat also promised Shawon to meet him one fine day when everything gets normal. Shawon misses playing outside so he asked his sponsored parent to bring a Football and Tennis ball with him so they can play inside the house. The entire conversation was so emotional, lovely, and full of positivity. Shawon shared his story of studying over the phone and how teachers and his parents are helping him all the way. He misses his friends but it’s also fun studying in a new method. Mr Rifat was really glad to hear about Shawon’s ongoing classes over the phone.

JAAGO took this initiative of the TEL-ED program to keep the students engaged, maintain each student’s link with formal schooling, and also to reduce the rate of student dropouts. We hope this will ensure that once things get back to normal, students returning to the classroom will not be overburdened with the process of having to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and the learning process all over again. 

We are optimistic that we will overcome this situation together. Through the continued support of our great sponsors in the JAAGO family, we hope to conduct our operations smoothly during this ‘new normal’.