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Thank You for Bringing Smiles to These Faces

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused unprecedented suffering for millions of people around the world. With strict lockdowns imposed on nations to halt the spread of the virus, economies are bearing the brunt as daily transactions and economic activities dry up.

The hardest-hit section of society due to this lockdown is the daily wage earners and the lower-middle-income class. To help them, JAAGO Foundation, with help from its generous donors and dedicated volunteers, has started providing food and necessity packages since the lockdown was imposed. With the donations, we have already distributed thousands of packages among the worst affected people in different parts of the country. 

multi companyAlongside fighting the COVID pandemic, the super cyclone Amphan has recently hit Bangladesh. This natural disaster has increased the sufferings of the people living in the coastal areas to a greater level. Through Coca-Cola Bangladesh Limited’s support and our volunteer’s hard work, we have been able to distribute safe drinking water to many families in these areas. With deepest gratitude, and warmest wishes we would like to thank our valuable donor organizations and individuals who came forward with a warm heart and considered helping humanity during the global crisis with JAAGO Foundation.